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Current Offerings:
LoveLight for Italy: TAT and Gratitude Wave
...Experiential Teleseminar (free)
Gratitude Wave (includes TAT) ~ March 4 Saturday 9am ~ Beaverton, Oregon
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Boomerang Blessings
◊ TAT for... animals, well-being, vibrant vision, shining our light, peace, sleep...

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Fun and useful tidbits:
Jeanine's Reflections ~ inspirational sharing and beauty
IL VOLO articles, poetry, and video playlists from Jeanine ~ Happy 22nd birthday, Gianluca!
Walk-Dancing including playlists
other resources ~ with CAM research links, including Jeanine as TAT Trainer in 2009 Kaiser Study

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~ When you walk through Compassion's Doorway with Jeanine...

Jeanine welcomes the simply miraculous
and celebrates the magnificence of Life!


Together we honor your True Self and support your sincere desires,
drawing on guidance and resources:

◊ TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®)
◊ Boomerang Blessings*
◊ Gratitude Wave*
◊ Healing Touch
◊ Reiki
◊ Healing Touch for Animals®
◊ Animal communication
TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, used with permission.
*BB and GrWave developed by Jeanine following spiritual guidance, observation, and experience.

Sharing from Jeanine's clients and participants
"Jeanine's respect and love for the participants in her workshops and webinars shines through. She holds a really lovely space for everyone's voices to be heard and needs to be met and gives from both her heart and her expertise." ~ participant, 12-21-2012
~ * ~
"Every session that I’ve had with Jeanine DuBois ... has been transformative for me, both liberating and empowering, taking me farther along my true path.
Jeanine has a real gift for listening below the surface, both to the client’s outer communications and to the inner self. She is truly client-oriented, focusing her talents, skills, and heart-centered approach to effectively facilitate each client’s goals and well-being.
I particularly recommend Jeanine DuBois to those individuals who prefer practitioners with whom they can actively partner, practitioners who facilitate the individual’s quest for vibrant health, inner peace, and self-empowerment."
~ Laurie  S., Biofield / Energy Therapist 2-24-2007
~ * ~

"Jeanine's love-filled and compassionate heart and her wonderful authenticity radiate in all that she does." ~ Susan Vos, healing facilitator, spiritual companion, TAT professional 8-29-2016

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