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Using an array of tools,
my work welcomes participants
into the vibrance of their true selves

This work fulfills my heart’s desire
to foster compassionate healing
and encourage joy in life.

May all who seek this support
be blessed for their highest good.

"Jeanine's respect and love for the participants in her workshops and webinars shines through. She holds a really lovely space for everyone's voices to be heard and needs to be met and gives from both her heart and her expertise." ~ participant, 12-21-2012
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"Every session that I’ve had with Jeanine DuBois, whether for BrainGym, TAT, or Healing Touch, has been transformative for me, both liberating and empowering, taking me farther along my true path.

Jeanine has a real gift for listening below the surface, both to the client’s outer communications and to the inner self. She is truly client-oriented, focusing her talents, skills, and heart-centered approach to effectively facilitate each client’s goals and well-being.

I particularly recommend Jeanine DuBois to those individuals who prefer practitioners with whom they can actively partner, practitioners who facilitate the individual’s quest for vibrant health, inner peace, and self-empowerment."

--Laurie S., Biofield/Energy Therapist 2/24/2007

TAT®  (Tapas Acupressure Technique®)
Releases stress, allowing our true selves to shine through
Tapas Acupressure Technique and TAT are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.

Healing Touch
Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association

Japanese Traditional Usui System of Energy Healing

◊ BodyTalk Access (Technician)
Balances the body / mind system; used with other modalities

Uses energy and intention to support the natural healing process

Animal Communication
Leads to better understanding between animals and their families


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