Thanks to
Photographer Mel Rabedeau!



"Hailes Abbey" images © 2003 Mel Rabedeau

I am deeply indebted and grateful to
photographer Mel Rabedeau
for his magnificent images!

"Hailes Abbey" © 2003 Mel Rabedeau
was taken in the Cotswolds of England.

The background graphic for my web pages
is also thanks to Mel Rabedeau,
a digitally modified version of "Hailes Abbey."

≈ ∞ ≈

You can email Mel about these images,
or other stunning photography by Mel or Ronnie



A little background:

Compassion’s Doorway received its name
during a moment of meditation.

Returning home from church that Sunday,
I looked at this favorite photo of nature
taken by my dad and realized the scene,
now also my Compassion’s Doorway logo,
depicts the serenity, healing, and spiritual joy
associated with my work.

Thank you with all my heart, Dad!


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