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Session Modalities

Using an array of tools, participants embrace the vitality, peace and joy of their true selves.

Healing Touch
   Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association
TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®)   Releases stress, allowing our true selves to shine through
Tapas Acupressure Technique and TAT and Real Change, Real Easy are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.
Reiki   The Japanese Traditional Usui System of Energy Healing

BodyTalk Access  Balances the body/mind system - adjunct to other modalities

Healing Touch for Animals® Uses energy and intention to support the natural healing process
Animal Communication   Results can lead to better understanding between the animal and his or her family

Sessions are available remotely via skype or phone or at Jeanine's Portland metro area offices
* To book a session, please  go to  session preparation and IMG_EMAIL.GIF Jeanine.

Healing Touch
Healing Touch <>, endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association, employs healing energy to balance the human energy system and allow its natural healing to flourish.
  • supports:
    • calming distress
    • reducing discomfort
    • increasing relaxation
    • providing support through transitions
        • Subject: "You did it again!
          Dear Jeanine,
          You are amazing! A few days after my last appointment with you the back injury that had been dominating my rest for 5 months was just gone.  [Initially] it got better ... but not
          totally well.  Then a few days after the last appointment, the pain was just gone.  There have been a few days where it felt like the muscles were a little bit remembering the injury but it didn't come back.  ...  You have such a lovely gift."             --K.S. February 21, 2007


TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®) certified Professional & Trainer
Real Change, Real Easy!®

"TAT is a simple, easy, stress-reducing process that can have immediate, tangible results."

Highly effective in releasing blocks to serenity, well-being, and comfort, TAT is often used for
  •  dissolving stress and worry
  •  transforming limiting beliefs, habits, and attitudes
  •  releasing emotional aspects of dis-ease
  •  inviting our true potential to blossom (choices, abilities, physical condition, heart’s desires)
  •  addressing anything which prevents us from living life vibrantly out of our true, centered self

TAT works for our highest good, allowing us to release stress in a gentle, peaceful way without re-experiencing it.

On a personal note
Over the years, I have found and incorporated many tools and skills for personal transformation and for inviting myself to embody my vision of a whole, happy, fulfilling, and contributing life. All have served me well. And I have discovered TAT to be the simplest, most profound, most elegantly graceful gift in my life. TAT allows me to grace-fully let go of the everyday stresses of life and of previously stressful memories. Each time I complete a TAT is different. I have laughed, cried, been amazed, forgotten what was bothering me, sometimes noticed very little, and pretty much always felt relaxed and at peace.

What I offer you
Whether through an individual or group session, in person or over the phone, I am honored to be present with you in a way which allows you to say as much or as little as you wish about your concern. I gently guide you through the steps of TAT and gratefully witness the transformation you invite into your life. Clients often find facilitation by a TAT Professional helps them relax into a deeper experience than when facilitating their own session. As a certified TAT Trainer, I can teach you to use TAT on your own to the extent that you desire.

“Jeanine DuBois is a wonderful TAT teacher and facilitator.  I have worked with her on a variety of levels and she served as my mentor through the TAT certification process.  Her dedication and expertise with TAT is very apparent as shown in her presence, compassion and gentle and kind voice.  She has always provided for me, a wonderful space for expansion, learning and growth. I look forward to participating in more of what she offers in the future. And after working closely with her, for over a year, I would highly recommend Jeanine to anyone interested in TAT sessions, seminars, or mentoring.”
---  Val Piotrowski, TAT Professional, February 10, 2011

"Jeanine is a professional and gentle TAT leader. She is empathetic, considerate and compassionate. I felt easily accepted and at ease in the safe environment she created. It allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the benefit of the TAT process over Skype." 
Heather Wilks, TAT Professional, Australia, 16 January 2011

TAT process and results

  • TAT process:
    • identify the concern (however, it is not necessary to talk about it or even know why or what is troubling)
    • hold the Pose and put attention on the Steps of TAT (freeing and empowering statements, including "I choose...")
    • with Jeanine's guidance, we move through the TAT multi-step process within a single session
      • each TAT is complete in itself, ending in integration
      • often the concern will feel completely released in one session; sometimes an issue has more than one thread, and may need to be approached from several angles to feel that all aspects of the concern are dissolved
  • TAT results / what happens:
    • releases the "charge" (distress, discomfort, stuck feeling), the identification with the concern
      • we experience a shift in perception
        • where we felt stuck simply dissolves
        • related energy or chi becomes unblocked and can flow freely
        • we are left with our true beautiful self, without that overlay of distress
      • as our perception changes, everything changes to match the new perception, the blueprint of our true self; this may include shifts in stress levels
        • Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. cellular biologist, addresses "The Nature of Dis-Ease" <>, explaining, "Perceptions have a tremendous influence in shaping the character and experiences of our lives.  ...  They are more influential than positive thinking because they are more than mere thoughts in your mind. Perceptions are beliefs that permeate every cell. Simply, the expression of the body is a complement to the mind’s perceptions, or, in simpler terms, believing is seeing!"
        • in Evolve Your Brain, by Joe Dispenza, D.C., we learn that
          • each of the 70-100 trillion cells of our body has around 100,000 chemical reactions per second!
          • our brains process 400 billion bits of information per second, and we are only aware of about 2000 bits of information per second, which implies that a change in awareness can lead to phenomenal transformations
      • I've heard TAT described by this metaphor:
        • It's as if a magnet was swiped over a portion of a hard drive and the 1's and 0's are gone without that magnetization. The 1's and 0's equate to those stuck identifications with things that stress us out mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. When that portion of the hard drive is de-magnetized, it's as if that part of the hard drive returns to factory settings. Our factory settings would be our true selves. 
        • I have gotten to the end of many TAT's and could not remember what the issue was, had I not written it down. Makes sense, when I think about the above metaphor. So I myself write down my TAT's, as it's nice to remember just enough to be able to celebrate the return to my true self and the gratitude for the freedom and "Portal of Grace" that I experience with TAT.
        • Someone who sees energy has also shared that, with TAT, they see a column of light coming in through the crown chakra (energy center).

While each person and experience is different,
folks generally
leave feeling relaxed,
at peace, and free

Stories and Studies
  • results of initial study using TAT for maintaining healthy weight loss:
  • While I personally do not work with combat stress, I offer this information to extend your understanding of Tapas Acupressure Technique. TAT founder Tapas' website <> offers a list of TAT Professionals, including those who work with combat stress.

Recognition for TAT
  • commentary from Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. author of The Biology of Belief:
    • In Lipton's article "Mind Over Genes: the New Biology", Lipton states,
      • "By being fully conscious, we  become the masters of our fates rather than the ‘victims’ of our programs. ... we can use a variety of new ... modalities to enable a rapid and profound reprogramming of limiting subconscious beliefs. These new energy modalities provide the ability to rewrite limiting perceptions (beliefs) and self-sabotaging behaviors using processes that are mechanistically similar to pushing the record program on the subconscious mind’s tape player. With conscious awareness, one can actively transform the character of their lives into ones filled with love, health and prosperity. The use of these new modalities provides a key to personal growth and transformation."
    • Bruce Lipton: "being a cell of Humanity & Letting go of the illusion of separation" (50 minute interview by Iain McNay)
    • Just to clarify, in TAT, we do not "record over" our past trauma with something else. Instead we simply become disconnected from the trauma. I think it was best described by Tapas in her 8/11/2009 TATLife® Newsletter when she quoted a client's description: "...Now I'm not identifying with the obstacles. I'm identifying with the flow."

Arc of Peace
by Lori Acott Fowler

Events facilitated by Jeanine

...individual private TAT sessions

teleseminars, groups,
workshops: ...mentoring TAT certification candidates & TAT Professionals

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy work, focuses on simply allowing universal energy to flow from Spirit through the practitioner's hands into the client. Much like our bodies absorb and distribute nutrients from a nutritious meal, Reiki energy is drawn in and then directed by the individual's innate wisdom to where it is most beneficial.

  • example results:
    • relaxation
    • calming
    • reduced inflammation
      • after 10 minutes of reiki, a 70+ year old recouped low tones hearing lost through inflammation; her audiologist was quite surprised! (summer, 2005)
      • after 6 hours of reiki over a period of 2 days, the torn meniscus in my knee stopped hurting and clicking; it has been 8.5 years, and the problem has not returned despite my participating vigorously in roller skating, Nia, swimming, and hiking (winter, 2011)
    • increased comfort
      • amazingly quick recovery and comfort after gum tissue graft; reiki support created a dramatic contrast compared to this client's first surgery without reiki (January, 2007)
      • my first cat lived 3.5 years with kidney disease (died at 19.5); in addition to appropriate veterinary care, which included subcutaneous fluids, my little guy would slide up under my hand to ask for reiki

BodyTalk Access Technician
BodyTalk Access™ supports healthy communication and balance within the system
  • I use BodyTalk Access™ in conjunction with other modalities. If you wish a more indepth BodyTalk™ session from a BodyTalk System™ Practitioner, see <>

Healing Touch for Animals®

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and the Komitor Healing Method (KHM) is a "holistic approach influencing the health and well-being of animals using energy and intention."  <>
    • HTA can be used to:
      • optimize and balance flow of energy
      • reduce discomfort
      • support biofield system
      • accelerate healing
      • support changes in habits
      • release stress
courtesy link to article: "Summer can be dangerous for your pets" (resource for your consideration)

Since I have animals as part of my family, I honor their space by providing HTA in the animal client's home setting (or veterinarian's office, if requested and approved) or remotely. In Oregon, a veterinarian's diagnosis and referral are required.


Animal Communication

I practice animal communication as a way to help the family better understand what is happening with their beloved animal and to give the animal an avenue for expressing needs, preferences, concerns, and often appreciation.

  • communication goals:
    • solely to address questions or concerns posed by the animal's guardian or by the animal
    • to gather information about the animal's system
    • to release distress*, sensitivities, or emotional aspects of dis-ease
    • to gently and respectfully support behavior modification for changed habits
    • to give comfort and joy to the animal and guardian in expressing the love and care they hold for each other

*Using either TAT or the HTA® Trauma Release can help alleviate distress, whether experienced recently or long ago, and whether the cause is known or not.

  • when your animal appears near death:
    • I have been blessed with tools and experience, including walking through dealing with the death of my husband, to assist families and their animals in releasing fears and blocks when their beloved pet seems near death. Usually I use a combination of animal communication and TAT to help the animal express concerns and find the serenity and comfort he or she needs to either die in peace when the time comes or to be restored to greater health. I never know which path they are on, just that I am able to help them remove blocks from their path. In one case a dog died 10 minutes after I left and after the remaining family member arrived. In contrast, a dog who had tumors in her liver and was not eating, drinking, or lifting her head, 1.5 hours after I left, took her owners for a 2-mile walk. She lived 2.5 years beyond that day. So, truly I cannot predict what will happen. My job is to help the family and the animal to find peace and clarity by assisting them to release worry and distress. The dog story below is one example of a special dog as he let go of concern and happily embraced his short remaining life.

  • story using TAT with a dog:
    • my account of this touching and amazing dog story, originally published in Tapas' 12/5/2005 newsletter
        (current TATLife® stories page, starts with "Sometimes people wonder if TAT “really works.”)

Since I have animals as part of my family, I honor their space by providing animal communication either remotely or in the client's home setting.


 Jeanine works remotely via phone or skype and out of her Portland metro area offices
Jeanine offers individual private sessions, group circles, and workshops / teleseminars

*     *     *

Using an array of tools, my work welcomes participants into the vibrance, vitality, peace, and joy of our true selves,
assisting and empowering people and animals
in personal development,
releasing stress of physical conditions and end of life concerns.

*     *     *

  For information on Jeanine's training.

* To book a session, please go to session preparation and  IMG_EMAIL.GIF Jeanine.

Tapas Acupressure Technique and TAT are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.

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