Other Resources
from Jeanine

Hi, folks!
I can't pass up this opportunity
to share some other resources
which may be of interest
and benefit to you.
Some are not directly related
to biofield / energy work,
so, "Take what you like,
and leave the rest."
Blessings of joy, serenity, and well-being,
~ Jeanine

Resources from Jeanine DuBois

Jeanine's Reflections
Reflections on life, including true life stories, photos, audio clips of Jeanine sharing experiences or reading articles she's written, links to uplifting music

Jeanine's CAM & Research-Related Reflections & Resources

Jeanine's reflections on studies and articles related to CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine), including links to CAM resources, insightful articles and studies

Underpinnings of Jeanine's Approach to
Releasing Stress of Physical Conditions
An email Jeanine sent to her TAT list about her approach and attitudes which contribute to results she sees around physical conditions

Resources Addressing Human Reflexes

Resources related to human reflexes (primitive, infant, postural, lifelong) which, when not properly developed, integrated (and, if intended, inhibited), can create functioning challenges

Jeanine's Energy-Related Resources
energy resources.html
Jeanine's insights and discoveries related to dealing with energy.
Energy workers and lightworkers may find this link beneficial

Jeanine's Ordination
Images, invitation, program, prayer of dedication, stories

Compassion's Doorway Image
photographer Mel Rabedeau
Gratitude to photographer Mel Rabedeau for the Compassion's Doorway image, as well as the story behind it

Bill DuBois' Memorial Web Site
My late husband Bill's tribute, containing stories, pictures,
 poetry, tales of miracles, songs written for Bill, and
 experiences and insights for dealing with grief

Jeanine's Sugar-Free Recipes
Sugar-Free recipes (technically, no sugar added)
 which I wrote to help Bill and me make healthy choices,
 since Bill was diabetic. Suggest Splenda over NutraSweet

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