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Standard hourly rates:
$88 / hour (private session)

$33 / hour / individual (for in-depth groups of 4 or more & workshops; discount opportunities available)

check for discounted rate for registering with a buddy

inquire about corporate rates
Package options:
4-hour package $333* (= $84.25 / hour)
44 minutes additional free if used within 4 weeks
package prepaid:
for any combination of sessions
used by you within 4 months

*additional discounts do not apply to this rate

After consulting with Jeanine, she will provide you a link for PayPal
(credit or debit card with or without PayPal membership)

  Skype or phone sessions available.
Contact Jeanine with inquiries.
Sessions by appointment at my Portland metro area, Oregon, USA office.

* To book a session, please  go to session preparation and contact page.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours’ notice courtesy appreciated;
less than 24 hours - payment obligation remains

* Regularly Available Specials *

See workshops for reduced rates on early-bird and buddy registrations

New Client referrals
receive a "Share-A-Gift" certificate:
$10 off on the next full length private session for both the new client and the referring client

Gift certificates 
are available
Organize and coordinate a local workshop for 6 or more participants ~ consult with Jeanine for discount
(logistical support: obtaining and collecting registrations, coordinating dates, venue, and snacks; set-up and clean-up)

Arc of Peace
by Lori Acott Fowler

current workshops listed here and homepage

previous specials:

TAT for Pets & all Creation ~ buddy registration discount Plus donated 10% to Nature-friendly organizations
TAT for Shining Our Light ~ Wherever We are ~ FREE ~ donate / pay it forward as you feel led
TAT on Enough ~
buddy registration discount
TAT for Vibrant Eyes and Vision ~ buddy registration discount
TAT on Old Repeating Patterns ~ buddy registration discount

TAT for the Sleep of Our Dreams ~ buddy registration discount
TAT for Animals I: Family Pets ~ buddy registration discount
March, 2011 TAT for Valuing Every Being ~ 1/3 usual rate; 50% donated to humanitarian organizations
November 2010 TAT for Health Care Accessibility ~ free telebundle recording available through 1/8/2011
December 2009 TAT® for Peace in Our Hearts and Our World ~ fundraiser
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2009 - group TAT: free to be our true beautiful selves
February-March 2008 TAT special  in anticipation of Tapas' teaching in Portland in March & April
2007, 2008 Brain Gym® balance donated to THS Online Auction and Buckman Elementary Arts Auction
March 2007 focus on gratitude, abundance, and finding the hidden blessings in life
January 2007 focus on relaxation and clarity

Maximizing Complementary Care Dollars
with Pre-Tax Health Savings Accounts or Flex Funds

Many businesses now offer a Flex Fund /  Section 125 Benefit (a form of health savings account) which permit pre-tax dollars to be set aside out of employee paychecks for health care purposes. With a doctor's (MD, ND, DC, DO, DMD) prescription, biofield therapy may be included in such coverage. The law may even permit reimbursement of certain over-the-counter expenses, so this is an excellent way to pay for complementary health care.

Jeanine's modalities:

® Certified Professional & Trainer
Boomerang Blessings (TAT followed by two other techniques taught to Jeanine by Divine Grace)
Gratitude Transformational Work (Jeanine's development)
Educational kinesiology
BodyTalk Access Technician (done in conjunction with other modalities)
Healing Touch
Animal communication and Healing Touch for Animals® done at client's site or remotely

Tapas Acupressure Technique and TAT are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.

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