Sessions with
Jeanine DuBois ~ Compassion's Doorway
Preparation and Follow-Up

Sessions are available via skype or phone
at Jeanine's Portland metro area offices


I am delighted and honored to facilitate a
biofield balancing and harmonizing session with you.

Before our session I'd like to share a few thoughts:
  • I have the honor of supporting and witnessing your unfolding by facilitating the session. From my perspective, your healing and / or new learning, is the result of your body~mind's innate wisdom and whatever spiritual resources we draw upon.
  • If you have not already done so, I welcome you to look over information about me and my work. It can save you time during your session, since there will be less for me to explain. Suggested links include modalities and about Jeanine.
  • If you have not looked at pricing, you will want to check rates and specials. I am happy to have a brief conversation to help you determine if my work is right for you. After that, I charge for my time spent. 
    • For new clients,  I require a brief complementary telephone conversation to determine if your situation is a good fit and within the scope of my practice.

  • Pre-session preparation:
    • Remote session clients, please carefully read the forms which apply to your session (see below). Complete the bottom of each form, and click Agree to send the form to me. That will send you to a payment page. Please do not pay for a session  until we have booked a session and agreed on payment process.
    • For sessions in my office, you are encouraged to pre-read pertinent forms to save you time and money. If you prefer to do so in my office, that's fine. In addition, feel free to email or phone me for directions. Contact Jeanine.

        • for TAT sessions:
          • TAT Session_Info_and_Release
            • for your first time experiencing TAT, especially if a remote session: 
                • I will walk you through the process. Even so, you will find it helpful to see the pictures of how to hold the pose; you are encouraged to read or skim the rest of the booklet in advance or, for a private session, you may have me explain as we go through the session.
            • Remote session clients will need a telephone or skype connection with a headset or speaker phone, so you can hear while having your hands in the TAT Pose.
            • When arranging for your time of session, if remote, consider schedule and how to minimize your cost of a 45-90 minute call (such as time of call or using a calling method like skype). 
          • optional explanation by Tapas of how TAT works:
            includes an explanation of how TAT can address cellular memory and ancestral patterns
          • Tapas Acupressure Technique and TAT are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.
          • To clarify, I am not a licensed mental health professional. Please seek the assistance of appropriate health care providers as needed. Details are spelled out in my Information and Release forms linked on this page.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice courtesy appreciated; less than 24 hours - payment obligation remains

Post Session Recommendations

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