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CELEBRATE the true you!

I'm so jazzed to pilot this group ~ supporting, uplifting, & honoring each of us as we embrace
... our true self...
......moving beyond old ideas and myths to our truest innermost self
... stepping further into our authentic expression at our own comfortable pace
... holding an intention circle to support us in this process
......(along the lines of Lynne McTaggart's The Power of Eight)
... uplifting and empowering our choices with heartfelt gratitude
Features of this group ...

... we'll meet monthly, each time addressing a concept pertinent to our livesmee
we'll use resources to briefly identify some of the myths and old ideas we choose to move beyond
......Launch point resources may include
.........~ chapters from Anita Moorjani's book What If This Is Heaven?
.........~ films, TedTalks, podcasts, articles, book chapters and other resources we identify
......The ultimate focus is on moving evermore into the Real Truth of our beautiful selves
... we'll dedicate time for
......~ listening to ourselves and others
......~ affirming each other with our presence
......~ celebrating with gratitude
......~ enjoying music and or visuals which enhance and uplift our experience
......~ intending for ourselves and each other ~ supporting unfolding possibilities!
... we honor each other's privacy and respect individuality
TAT Trainer Jeanine DuBois will facilitate with input from group participants

I invite you to enjoy this beautiful "Angelou and Hafiz" music video by Paul Luftenegger.
The song and visuals embrace the feel of what I anticipate is possible!




usually 2nd or 3rd Saturday

(library policy allows
booking 2 months out)

Capitol Hill Library
10723 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219

currently scheduled:
first meeting 12-9-2017

Addressing the myth of "lack"
and intending for abundance in each person's chosen area of life.
Resources will be shared during our gathering.

second meeting 1-20-2018
Theme To Be Determined the preceding month

Please bring
filled water bottle
writing material (notebook / journal)
your calendar for planning a date for 2 months out
Optional items
  if you'd like to share something, a photo pertinent to our theme and your experience

IMG_pen_feather_allfreednld.gifTo RSVP:

Please contact Jeanine to let her know you plan to attend, and she'll send you some preliminary information for our next gathering.

Watch for follow-up email from Jeanine's gmail, so you know she received your RSVP, and to note any pertinent info Jeanine may wish to share.

Your feedback after this gathering is appreciated!

Please watch for a follow-up from Jeanine's gmail, including info about our next gathering.

Reflections about Jeanine

I welcome the simply miraculous and celebrate the magnificence of Life! ~ Jeanine

"Jeanine's love-filled and compassionate heart and her wonderful authenticity radiate in all that she does." ~ Susan Vos, healing facilitator, spiritual companion, TAT professional 8-29-2016

"Jeanine's respect and love for the participants in her workshops and webinars shines through. She holds a really lovely space for everyone's voices to be heard and needs to be met and gives from both her heart and her expertise." ~ participant, 12-21-2012

Tapas Acupressure Technique and TAT are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.
Jeanine DuBois discovered Divine Blueprint Syncing and Boomerang Blessings through spiritual guidance, observation, and experience.

I/Jeanine am not a licensed mental health professional. Please seek assistance of appropriate health care providers as needed.

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