Experiential Teleseminar for
Uplifting All Life on Planet Earth

TAT & Boomerang Blessings
facilitated by Jeanine DuBois ~ Compassion's Doorway

Together we reach out in Love
holding highest intention and greatest good for All

May this TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)...
  • release overlays of distress and stuck energy, including stress, fear, doubt, concerns, confusion, roots of dis-ease and injury... any blocks to being our True Self
  • release us from limiting beliefs, habits, attitudes ~ which are not who-we-really-are
  • invite our whole being to align with living vibrantly from our centered True Self
  • assist us in uplifting Creation and our worldwide brothers and sisters

May this Boomerang Blessings offer...
  • sparkling loving support to all, including gratitude to our ancestors, even for life itself
  • recognition that on some level, we are safe, loved, and recognized as our True Self in this world and the next
  • uplifted possibilities and amazing blessings


In Unity, Love, and Respect...
we recognize that we live in a Connected Universe and that together, as IL VOLO sings: We Are Love


Facilitator Jeanine DuBois is a certified TAT Trainer and practitioner of biofield methods for harmonizing and balancing.
Jeanine welcomes the simply miraculous and celebrates the magnificence of Life.



The call was a beautiful blessing.
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Original call timing was:
October 7, 2017 ~ 9:00am PDT (Pacific Time) / 16:00 UTC

*Please have ready during the process

  drinking water ~ drink plenty (extra) water on days that you do TAT
  something to write on, such as journal, notebook, or clipboard and paper
  head phones or speaker phone to easily listen while holding the TAT Pose
  private space where you will be free of interruptions and distractions

Optional items

  pillows to prop arms for TAT
  lap blanket for cozy comfort
If you are in an endangered area, first get yourself to a physically safe place. And bless you; our prayers are with you!
If you cannot do TAT right now, know that we are doing it on your behalf, for your needs, wishes, and prayers.

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Jeanine facilitated this offering free of charge...

* Please consider donating to relief efforts as you feel led *

Reflections from Jeanine's participants...
"her warmth and mindful presence create an atmosphere of safety and comfort. She takes you through ... with deep respect and loving care." ~ Margaret G 2016

"Jeanine ... provided a very personal feel to the group TAT, and allowed me to completely relax." ~ Anne, Holistic Counsellor, 2011

"brought me to a place of connection with Guidance again and a clarity of insight I've not felt in years...  I slept through the night for the first time in months." ~ participant 2016

"Jeanine's love-filled and compassionate heart and her wonderful authenticity radiate in all that she does." ~ Susan Vos, healing facilitator, spiritual companion, TAT professional

More about TAT:
As our perception changes (those limiting beliefs and old ideas), everything changes to match the new perception, the blueprint of our True Self.

Ph.D. cellular biologist Bruce Lipton explains, "Perceptions have a tremendous influence in shaping the character and experiences of our lives.  ...  They are more influential than positive thinking because they are more than mere thoughts in your mind. Perceptions are beliefs that permeate every cell... believing is seeing!" ~

TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique, and TATLife are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.
Boomerang Blessings  was developed by Jeanine following spiritual guidance, observation, and experience.
Jeanine is not a licensed mental health professional. Please seek assistance of appropriate health care providers as needed.

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2017 Jeanine DuBois