Boomerang Blessings
for Highest Intentions & Greatest Good

developed and facilitated by
Jeanine DuBois ~ Compassion's Doorway

Welcoming Presence into our true selves and heartfelt desires...
dissolving doubts and blocks
smoothing the way backwards and forwards through time and space
inviting this ever-present flow into our lives and beyond

What we'll do to support this intention...
TAT® ~ dissolve identification with blocks, and support our true Be-You-To-Full selves
...Blocks could include fears, doubts, confusion, internal conflicts, stuck patterns, etc.
◊ acknowledge gifts of our True-Self, for access in our "Journey Basket" of life
Boomerang Blessings process, taught to Jeanine by Divine Grace angels*,
...has resulted in amazing transformation of life-long conditions, restored relationships, and more
honor and celebrate the possibilities we Choose!

Jeanine is a certified TAT Trainer and practitioner of biofield methods for harmonizing and balancing.
Jeanine welcomes the simply miraculous and celebrates the magnificence of Life.


TBD - contact Jeanine to request a group event date
or a private session

There's a delightful bonus for those present by ...

Sage Center
12555 SW 1st Street
Beaverton OR 97005
STREET PARKING ONLY ~ Please do NOT park in lot.

*Please bring
  • filled water bottle
  • something to write on (such as journal, notebook, or clipboard and paper)
Optional items
  • pillows to prop arms for TAT
  • lap blanket for cozy comfort

To register for Boomerang Blessings: IMG_infinity_sign_br_strawberry_sm.jpg 

(1) Complete

--> Information and Release form (Admittedly, nitty gritty details. If you have questions, please contact Jeanine.) 

--> Please pre-read Tapas' free How to Do TAT booklet <>, a prerequisite, so you can note questions.
......It's a quick read, but sometimes is not delivered to one's email box for up to 10 hours, so please access it early.

(2) Clicking Agree on the Info. and Release form will send you to the registration page, where you select your sliding scale rate

$44 - $88 = Standard Registration
$22 - $55 = Buddy Registration (bring a buddy and each pay this reduced rate ~ list buddy name on registration)
$44 - $88 = Gift Buddy & Me Registration (rate includes yours and your buddy's registration ~ list buddy name on registration)
... for the Buddy receiving this gift registration: please complete both parts of #1 above (and ignore the payment page)

Complete your payment (charge card, debit card, or PayPal)

(3) Then you are registered. (Yay!)  I'll see you at Sage Center (Group Meeting Room) ... TBD.
Please register at least 2 days in advance, so I can send you a confirmation from my gmail address and notify you if change of venue.

When finished, I suggest Guidelines for After a Session.
Please drink plenty of water, and limit your time in the TAT Pose to no more than 20 minutes per day.
Your feedback after this experience is appreciated.

Reflections from Jeanine's previous TAT participants...
"Jeanine's respect and love for the participants in her workshops and webinars shines through. She holds a really lovely space for everyone's voices to be heard and needs to be met and gives from both her heart and her expertise." ~ participant, 12-21-2012, Shining Our Light

"Jeanine ... provided a very personal feel to the group TAT, and allowed me to completely relax." Anne, Holistic Counsellor, 2011 January 13

"Jeanine had such a lovely and intuitive way of walking beside us rather than leading us through... My heartfelt thanks." --Pam L.,  2011 March 6
*Divine Grace said of my work with Boomerang Blessings:
“You are very much a part of these waves of energy that are moving through the earth, so you will find that you will be right on, beloved, so to speak, that what you are offering that is very helpful to you, that is very pertinent and real in what is arising for you…. As you offer it to others, you lift yourself, and you will be in synchronicity with their needs as well.” (10-30-2014)

Tapas Acupressure Technique,  TAT, and TATLife are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.
Gratitude Wave and Boomerang Blessings were developed by Jeanine following spiritual guidance, observation, and experience.
Jeanine is not a licensed mental health professional. Please seek assistance of appropriate health care providers as needed.

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