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TAT® for Animals I: Family Pets* Preview

If you are interested in using TAT with animals in a way which
assists your animals to reduce their stress,
which deepens our connection with our animal friends,
while honoring and respecting these animals for who they truly are,
TAT for Animals I may be what you're looking for.

TAT for Animals I is an enriching experience for us all. Participants are delighting in their expanded TAT experience with animals and often with themselves, too. The warm and enthusiastic group atmosphere enhances our learning and growth, as demonstrated in this collaborative story from the 2010 class (bottom of this page). More of our stories are available here.

"TAT for Animals I, facilitated so gracefully by Jeanine, was a safe, surprising and delightful place of self-discovery and healing--both with and through our family animals."
Pam Lester, TAT Professional ~ June 15, 2011

"This class has definitely enriched my animal communications practice, as well as my personal relationship with my own animals. Thank you so much for your care and concern for us and the animals."
Michele Bustamante ~ June 16, 2011

"...If you're new to TAT with animals, you're in for a new dimension of TAT."
John Koehler, TAT Professional ~ June 20, 2011

"Jeanine DuBois is not only a gifted and highly experienced facilitator of TAT with both humans and animals, she is also a gifted and highly experienced teacher/trainer. She knows TAT from the inside out, has deep respect for all beings, and loves to teach and to share her passion for facilitating health on all levels. I definitely recommend her class, "TAT for Animals" to anyone who wants to work with animals, anyone who loves an animal, and anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of TAT."

Laurie Hoff Schaad, TAT Trainer ~ January 18, 2011

"I was surprised how many considerations there were for doing TAT with animals, like first doing TAT on my concerns about my cat. Jeanine gently guided us through all these considerations and shared a step-by-step process for doing TAT with animals, always allowing plenty of time to address our questions. Hearing others' experiences with their pets each week was truly inspiring. I used TAT alongside veterinary care to help myself and my cat through a serious health issue, and took action after he told me he wanted a more varied diet!"
May Johnstone, ~ March 27, 2011

A sampling of what we'll learn in this teleseminar:
  • TAT bundles regarding animals and TAT with family pets, including a group TAT with our animals
    *NOTE: Those without a family pet may still experience full participation in this class. (Please consult with Jeanine on this before registering.)
    ..... If you would prefer
    ..... ... a private session with your family and animal
    ..... ..... OR
    ..... ... a group session / teleseminar "TAT for Animals and Their People"
    ..... Jeanine offers these as a short experience with her facilitating for the family or group and without pre-requisites. Contact Jeanine for details.
  • Observations and communication with pets to enhance TATs and honor their wishes
  • Considerations in working with our family pets, including
    • In person or remotely
    • Obtaining permission from our animal’s family member, if other than us
    • Approaches to obtaining permission from our animal
    • Personalizing TAT pose for our animal’s comfort and everyone's safety
    • Building the TAT bundle / step 1 for and with our animal
    • Guidelines for facilitating our pets' TAT and following their lead
    • Noticing when our pet is in the TAT process and indicators of a shift
    • Finishing the TAT
    • Noticing before and after indicators of changes
    • Honoring our animal's wishes, including privacy
  • Stories and examples for fun and better understanding
  • Sharing experiences and insights as check-in and related to instructional topics


  • dates to be determined (5 class sessions, each 1 week apart) totaling 9-10 hours
  • time to be determined
    • Initial sessions may be longer than the final session, in order to help establish basic skills, so participants can practice between sessions
    • Practice TAT with our family animal(s)* between sessions
  • 6 CEU's towards section 3 renewal of TAT Professional certification (with successful completion of course & quizzes)
Feel free to express interest with preferred dates and times for a future class.

If you are new to TAT, start by accessing TAT founder Tapas' website for information about TAT

Prerequisites for TAT for Animals I: Family Pets:
(A) TAT Basics ~ Portland video or by certified TAT Trainer, including Tapas
(B) Practicing Presence (required for TAT Pro certification) by Tapas Fleming
......OR a TAT series pre-approved by Jeanine
(C) 15 self TAT’s ~ facilitated by and for yourself in addition to self-TAT's in the above workshops

So you know, TAT for Animals I is:

• to help with your pet’s stress and is not a substitute for veterinary care, nor a form of behavior modification

Preview of registration process: (active links awaiting the next class to be scheduled)
(1) Complete Information and Release (link will be active when the next teleseminar is scheduled)

(2) Register

standard registration = $444
buddy discount registration = $333 each (write in full name of registration buddy; buddy only for purpose of discounted registration)
and complete your payment (charge card, debit card, or PayPal)

(3) Once registered, folks are given access to the Participant Page with call-in information, notes handout, and a detailed preview of class concepts.

Jeanine's background for offering this teleseminar:

  • Working with animals since 2001
  • Doing TAT with animals since 2003
  • Additional training in Healing Touch for Animals® and animal communication
  • Love and respect for animals
  • Being a certified TAT Trainer
  • Having designed, taught, and refined this course
  • Obtaining TATLife approval to offer CEU's
  • Here are some TAT with animals stories from Jeanine and class participants

*TAT for Animals I opens up a whole new world in our experience with animals.*

Looking forward to the joy and inspiration of our next adventure in supporting and learning from our wonderful animals,
--Jeanine DuBois
Certified TAT Trainer

Here's a story from our 2010 pilot class...

“Surprised and Delighted with Kisses and Inspiration”

I took the workshop TAT for Animals I: Family Pets given by Jeanine DuBois, certified TAT Trainer and Professional. I have 5 birds that “own” me. They have all been adopted and have come to us with different challenges. Although I had done TAT with them on several occasions, I was hoping to learn more about working with them through Jeanine’s class. What happened went beyond what I expected to learn in class. Through Jeanine’s wisdom and experience with working with animals, along with that of the other workshop participants, not only did I learn more, but also I gained a wisdom and a sense of presence, that I didn’t have before.

The experiences I had working with my birds during the time between classes were remarkable. In the class, Jeanine talked about asking our pet’s permission before working on them. It had never occurred to me before to do this, and when I did ask permission from my birds, they did “answer” me. All I had to do was to observe and to listen. One bird would turn away from me, a very clear “no”. Another “told” me that he didn’t want to do TAT with me, however, when I explained to him how TAT could help him, he then gave me permission to work with him. Another was always happy to do TAT with me, and always gave me a clear “yes” each time that I had asked. It is this bird, Ellie, a Senegal parrot, that I did most of the TAT sessions with.

One of the subjects covered in the workshop, was observing shifts and knowing when our pet was done with a step. As we all know, a shift can be anywhere between very subtle to very dramatic and profound. I found when working with my own pets, as well as animal clients, that they will definitely let you know when they are finished with a step. My birds would gently pull away from me, a clear indication that they were done with that step. I had an experience working with Ellie that definitely let me know that she was aware of what was going on. I was on step 5, and I phrased it I apologize to everyone that I hurt related to this, including “my mommy”, and wish them love, happiness and peace.  After I said this, Ellie shifted and started to kiss the fingers that I held in the pose for her. I couldn’t have asked for a clearer sign that she understood what was going on, appreciated what we were doing and was communicating what she felt.

I thank Jeanine for offering this wonderful class and look forward to taking her next class, TAT for Animals II: Beyond My Family’s Pets, which will be offered to TAT Professionals.

Warm blessings,
Shoshana Michel
TAT® Professional

What a delight to bask in Shoshana’s and all the participants’ sharing of their experiences, insights, and questions. Each class member brought such richness to our gatherings. One special moment came right after Shoshana shared with us these beautiful experiences regarding asking her birds’ permission. At that moment, TAT Trainer Laurie Schaad spoke in a quiet voice, revealing her insight as it came to her: “It just occurs to me, what if when I think I should do a TAT on myself, what if I ask my permission and listen to hear what the answer is? instead of just thinking, ‘This is what I should do, and I should do it now.’ There are times when doing TAT on myself does not feel effective, and what I’m getting right now is, I think there are times that I’m imposing that on myself as opposed to going on right timing when all of me is in agreement.”

I remember feeling chills and awe as Laurie spoke, and the overwhelming response from the group was “Wowwww... thank you!”

TAT for Animals I: Family Pets opened our awareness into how to apply our presence and experience to TAT with animals while it surprised and delighted us with added insights for our personal TAT life.

In an email after our first class meeting, Shoshana reflected, “working with animals is really not a whole lot different than working with people. You need to ask their permission, listen to them, respect their wishes, respect where they are coming from, accept them for who they are and not put your expectations onto them.”

My deepest thanks to Shoshana, Laurie, and all the bright souls who enriched our experience in piloting this class.

--Jeanine DuBois
Certified TAT Trainer

Tapas Acupressure Technique,  TAT, and TATLife are registered trademarks of TAT creator Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.

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