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Practicing Presence deepens our presence with ourselves, our lives, and so much more.
TAT for Animals I expands and deepens our presence with our animals,
while honoring and respecting them for who they truly are.

Surprised and Delighted with Kisses and Inspiration
by Shoshana Michel, Laurie Schaad, and Jeanine DuBois
an enlightening story about permission
from TAT for Animals I 2010 pilot class, 6 January 2011

by Jeanine DuBois
a sweet end of life TAT experience
from Jeanine's early days doing TAT with animals, 5 December 2005
by Sukoshi Rice and Jeanine DuBois
a delightful vignette
from our first 2011 TAT for Animals I class, 14 March 2011
by Laurie Schaad
a phenomenal, mysterious story of the power of an animal's love and the rippling gifts of TAT
from TAT for Animals I  2010 pilot class, 6 January 2011

Here's an enlightening story about permission from our 2010 pilot class...

Surprised and Delighted with Kisses and Inspiration

I took the workshop TAT for Animals I: Family Pets given by Jeanine DuBois, certified TAT Trainer and Professional. I have 5 birds that “own” me. They have all been adopted and have come to us with different challenges. Although I had done TAT with them on several occasions, I was hoping to learn more about working with them through Jeanine’s class. What happened went beyond what I expected to learn in class. Through Jeanine’s wisdom and experience with working with animals, along with that of the other workshop participants, not only did I learn more, but also I gained a wisdom and a sense of presence, that I didn’t have before.

The experiences I had working with my birds during the time between classes were remarkable. In the class, Jeanine talked about asking our pet’s permission before working on them. It had never occurred to me before to do this, and when I did ask permission from my birds, they did “answer” me. All I had to do was to observe and to listen. One bird would turn away from me, a very clear “no”. Another “told” me that he didn’t want to do TAT with me, however, when I explained to him how TAT could help him, he then gave me permission to work with him. Another was always happy to do TAT with me, and always gave me a clear “yes” each time that I had asked. It is this bird, Ellie, a Senegal parrot, that I did most of the TAT sessions with.

One of the subjects covered in the workshop, was observing shifts and knowing when our pet was done with a step. As we all know, a shift can be anywhere between very subtle to very dramatic and profound. I found when working with my own pets, as well as animal clients, that they will definitely let you know when they are finished with a step. My birds would gently pull away from me, a clear indication that they were done with that step. I had an experience working with Ellie that definitely let me know that she was aware of what was going on. I was on step 5, and I phrased it I apologize to everyone that I hurt related to this, including “my mommy”, and wish them love, happiness and peace.  After I said this, Ellie shifted and started to kiss the fingers that I held in the pose for her. I couldn’t have asked for a clearer sign that she understood what was going on, appreciated what we were doing and was communicating what she felt.

I thank Jeanine for offering this wonderful class and look forward to taking her next class, TAT for Animals II: Beyond My Family’s Pets, which will be offered to TAT Professionals.

Warm blessings,
Shoshana Michel
TAT® Professional

What a delight to bask in Shoshana’s and all the participants’ sharing of their experiences, insights, and questions. Each class member brought such richness to our gatherings. One special moment came right after Shoshana shared with us these beautiful experiences regarding asking her birds’ permission. At that moment, TAT Trainer Laurie Schaad spoke in a quiet voice, revealing her insight as it came to her: “It just occurs to me, what if when I think I should do a TAT on myself, what if I ask my permission and listen to hear what the answer is? instead of just thinking, ‘This is what I should do, and I should do it now.’ There are times when doing TAT on myself does not feel effective, and what I’m getting right now is, I think there are times that I’m imposing that on myself as opposed to going on right timing when all of me is in agreement.”

I remember feeling chills and awe as Laurie spoke, and the overwhelming response from the group was “Wowwww... thank you!”

TAT for Animals I: Family Pets opened our awareness into how to apply our presence and experience to TAT with animals while it surprised and delighted us with added insights for our personal TAT life.

In an email after our first class meeting, Shoshana reflected, “working with animals is really not a whole lot different than working with people. You need to ask their permission, listen to them, respect their wishes, respect where they are coming from, accept them for who they are and not put your expectations onto them.”

My deepest thanks to Shoshana, Laurie, and all the bright souls who enriched our experience in piloting this class.

--Jeanine DuBois
Certified TAT Trainer
6 January 2011

Here’s a sweet end of life TAT experience posted on the TATLife® website, originally published in the 5 December 2005 edition of  Tapas' Newsletter <>

Knowing "His People" Would Be Safe And Cared for

Sometimes people wonder if TAT “really works.” The most telling evidence for me has been the response I get with animals. They aren't skeptics, and they don't lie, (even out of hope or just to “be nice"). Their bodies and actions show the results.

The most amazing experience I ever had was in working with a wonderful dog who was near to death and also hard of hearing. He was actually going to be put down the next day.

The wife in the family was particularly tuned in to this dear 15-year-old dog and picked up his concern that "his people" were not going to be OK after he died. Throughout his life he had been the glue when the family went through hard times. It was his life’s work, so it was a job he took very seriously. My friend and her dog had come to trust me and to be good friends during the 18 months of occasional energy work (Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals®) on her dog. My friend also knew of my TAT successes with other dogs and asked me to come over to do a TAT.

In this dog’s case, it worked to actually hold the Pose (as Tapas modifies it for dogs) directly on him. I asked my friend to tune in with me, and she got the feeling that he was worried for the family. I held the Pose, focusing on that feeling for step 1, and watched in awe as his head slowly drooped onto his paws, and his eyes shifted back a little, giving the appearance of being in a trance. He rested in that pose for 30 seconds to a minute, and then his head popped up and his eyes were open and alert. My friend and I were both amazed to see this. It almost looked as if he had awakened quickly out of a sleep. Today I have to laugh; talk about knowing when one has shifted!

Then I used the Pose for each family member, softly saying, “[name of the family member] is safe and cared for both now and after I pass on.” I put my hand gently in the Pose, and again his head drifted down to rest on his paws, his eyes wandered back, and he appeared to be in a trance. A minute later, up popped his head, alert with eyes wide open. This time, however, this dear guy quietly labored with his arthritic legs and hips up to a standing position and slowly wandered through the house to the room where the person we had named was working. The dog stood in the doorway, looked at the father, then wandered slowly back to where my friend and I were sitting. Quietly and with difficulty, but without complaint, he lay back down where he had been. Again I put my hand gently on him in the Pose, again his head drooped, eyes slid backward, and he lay still. A minute later his head popped up. He stood up a second time, wandered through the house, and went to look at the next family member whom we had named in the statement! Again he came back and settled down between me and my friend. This happened several times! The last person named was the wife, who was sitting right there at his head. All was the same (drooping head, eyes wandering backward, look of repose; then head popped up), but this time he didn’t get to his feet; instead he sniffed my friend.

I am 100% certain that, despite being hard of hearing and near death, he knew what was going on, assessed it, realized it was true, and said, I'm ready for the next and the next.

We finished the other statements with the same process observed (drooping head, eyes wandering backward, look of repose; then head popped up), except that he did not stand up for these statements. As we finished the last statement, he seemed to be getting a little restless. His actions said, "Enough of this. Today's my last day, and I want to play!" Even with his bad legs and hips, he scuffled around the house playing chase. He had shifted from worried and agitated to happy, peaceful, and playful. The rest of his life, short as it was, he was at peace and ready to go, knowing "his people" would be safe and cared for. He had done his job faithfully to the last day.

Once you've seen something like that, if you're like me, there are no more questions about the validity of TAT, or "Is anything really happening?"

It’s an honor and a privilege to share this dear puppy-dog’s story, just as it is an honor and a privilege to use this powerful, elegant, and grace-filled TAT!

~ Jeanine DuBois
5 December 2005

Here's a delightful story from our first 2011 class...

Gentle TAT Communion

In our recent TAT for Animals I class we found that some days our animals would be perfectly content and not need or want any TAT. In such cases, we could practice TAT with a shelter animal, given the animal's permission. During our last class meeting, we did our TAT bundle, inviting our animals to throw something into the pot. After the bundle, each participant shared precious connections and insights. Sukoshi Rice shared this lovely moment with her dogs.

"It was a great experience. ... I just imagined my hand on my little dog's head. And the other dog looked in once and said, 'Mmm  mmm. I'm not doing this!' clear as day, and she went running off to play dog stuff. And it was just so peaceful, and what I felt was that we [my doggie and I] joined in some way that was so beyond bodies. We just had this really nice gentle communion off somewhere. There was nothing she wanted to say or report. Just hang out next to me and sit. ... It was very sweet."

I so appreciate this experience, Sukoshi, as a reminder that we don't always need stress to do TAT. Sometimes TAT can just bring us a moment of sweet presence and communion.

 In gratitude,
~ Jeanine
14 March 2011

Thanks to TAT Trainer Laurie Hoff Schaad for welcoming us to visit her site and experience the depth and intensity of what's possible with an unassuming animal. This TAT experience with a cat was actually the very first TAT Laurie ever did with an animal (as Practice for our class).
Ripples of Healing: An Amazing Story of Our Deep Connection with Animals
5 January 2011

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If you long to share TAT with your animals and to experience your own TAT with animals stories, you are encouraged to contact Jeanine and express interest in her next TAT for Animals I: Family Pets teleseminar class. Feel free to let Jeanine know of your best timing and also to sign up for Jeanine's Newsletter.

If you are new to TAT, start by accessing TAT founder Tapas' website for information about TAT

If you want to start preparing for TAT for Animals I, prerequisites include
(A) TAT Basics ~ Portland video or by certified TAT Trainer, including Tapas
(B) Practicing Presence (required for TAT Pro certification) by Tapas Fleming
OR a TAT series pre-approved by Jeanine
(C) 15 self TAT’s ~ facilitated by and for yourself in addition to self-TAT's in the above workshops

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Just for fun, here are some animal videos and stories to lighten your day and touch your heart (from various sources other than myself and my workshop participants):
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Otters holding hands - YouTube (sweet!)
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Moments with Baxter - YouTube (hospice therapy dog)
Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan - YouTube
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Dolphin and dog - Song of the Seas by Vangelis.wmv - YouTube (Vangelis music with video)
Unlikely Friendships - check out the Cat and the Dog video (looks like the cat knows Tellington Touch!) - Unlikely Friendships website (great book, too!)
Cat Adoption Team, a no-kill adoption shelter and 501(c)3
Cat soothing crying baby to sleep - YouTube (That looked really conscious!)
4 Deer rescued by fishing boat - IMG_deer_in_water.jpg
What a Wonderful World with David Attenborough - BBC
Worker at Lion park gets sweet goodbye hugs from lion cubs! - video on Slothster
Same worker - last day - lion cubs even bigger, yet still sweet and hugging - YouTube
above 2 videos are from Seaview Lion Park in South Africa - SeaViewLionPark
A Lion Called Christian FullStory (see 5 parts below ) - YouTube - Thanks, Sheri!
30 dolphins stranded and incredibly saved - YouTube (This was very emotional for me to watch, so please be advised.)
Cat and owl playing - (cute and fun) - Thanks, Karen!

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