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  • Look for Jeanine's upcoming post on her "Eagle-Heart" pose.
  • Observing Laughter's Effect on Our Energy Field ~ What fun it was to serendipitously observe laughter's effect on my client's field! I was doing a Healing Touch™ technique called Magnetic Clearing, which helps remove debris from the individual's biofield. The field was certainly clearING but felt a fair ways from being entirely clear. (It often takes around 30 passes over the body before the field is entirely clear.) Then I said something that came out funny, and we both laughed a kind of light sweet laughter as I was walking back towards the top of her field (her head / crown). When I started my next pass, her field was crystal clear. I did another pass, and it still was squeaky clean. Very cool! (; >) Clearly, the laughter caused the rest of her field to clear instantly. I've never seen this before. Sure reinforces the value of laughter! Hmmm... remember when people used to read the comics every day?
    ~ Jeanine, 3 June 2010

    I just read an article from Andrew Weil, MD, called "How Laughing Fights Pain." Interesting additional connection. Here's the link if you'd like to read Weil's article about the Oxford University study.
    ~ Jeanine, 22 September 2011

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