TAT Steps 1 and 2
Clarified in Relation to the Law Of Attraction

by Jeanine DuBois


As a TAT Trainer, I am aware that sometimes it takes a while for folks to understand fully steps 1 (the problem) and 2 (the opposite of the problem), especially when they start thinking about the Law of Attraction, so here is some clarification.

Step 1 represents something that is already there: our energy IS stuck and we ARE attached to whatever "the problem" is. In step 1 (whether a soup pot of many items or a single belief), we're simply acknowledging and briefly sitting with something that is already there. When we decide to do a TAT on something, it's as if we are noticing, "Oh! Look what's been sitting in the basement (of my mind). Gosh! I just realized it's there." Maybe we blow the dust off of it as we're sitting in the pose with it. Or we might not even see it. We might just feel the weight of it in the basement (of our minds), and that might be what brings us to do TAT about it.  As to what happens to "this," in the moment we are in the pose with it, "Merging into Love" in Tapas' TAT Professionals' Manual on pp. 23-24 says it so beautifully. From my perspective, none of this is negative. It's simply something that we have become aware of that we are ready to release attachment to.

Step 2 is simply the opposite of the problem. It's the other end of the spectrum to put our attention on. Sometimes step 2 may represent our attitude of "It's got to be this way!" as opposed to a possible step 1 attitude of "It can't be that way!" Well, "It's got to be this way!" represents stuck energy as much as "It can't be that way!" Again, we are simply putting our attention on step 2 and allowing the miraculous process Tapas describes.

The end result of these steps is that we are no longer stuck. Now we are free to be our true selves in each present moment, to respond (not react) to life in the way we feel led, coming from our true centered self. If the "problem" was that we were in a car accident and we are now afraid to drive, it is no better to drive under every circumstance (including dangerous ice) than it is to avoid driving under any circumstance. We want to be free to make the best choice in each moment.

As far as the Law of Attraction, once we are no longer pushing away the problem or trauma on some potentially unconscious level, we are no longer attached to it, and we follow it later with our lovely "I choose..." step. For that matter, I love to do a single step like Tapas used with us in Portland, where we observe or hear something wonderful (we were sharing wonderful TAT stories) and think, "Wow! I want that!" and briefly hold the pose with a thought like, "This, too, can happen for me!" That's a fun way to use the TAT Pose and recognize the Law of Attraction at the same time. It does not, however, replace the benefit and power of the TAT steps, whether simply 1 and 2 OR 1-9.

Wishing you all blessings of clarity and the Portal of Grace that we find with TAT,

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updated 30 March 2011

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