Some Underpinnings behind Jeanine's Approach
to Releasing Stress of Physical Conditions
Modified from an email Jeanine sent to her TAT® List

...I personally have excellent results using TAT with the stress of physical conditions, both for myself and with clients (car accidents, autoimmune conditions, cancer treatments), etc. Working in this way is actually one of the main components of my practice. One of the reasons I believe that my TAT work supporting folks with stress around physical conditions is highly successful is because of underlying attitudes I hold that seem to support the healing process through release of stress and limiting beliefs. I'm not sure if this will fit others' world view, but I can tell you, that I sincerely believe what I say here, that I honor my clients, and that I see amazing results in my practice. Among those beliefs are:

• Gratitude is incredibly powerful. Simply thanking our body for all it has done and is doing for us is a wonderful starting place. (I had a neuroma on my foot which dissipated in an amazingly short period of time, mostly as a result of the gratitude work I did honoring and thanking my foot for all the ways that it makes my life more wonderful. My chiropractor was quite amazed, as what I was doing was actually far more effective than what he did, and the healing was so much faster than he thought possible! And it didn't hurt like heck the way his "tissue pulls" did. (; >)

• Our body is doing the best it can with its information to keep us safe and healthy. That said, I want to honor the positive intentions behind the body's ways of functioning. So, welcoming communication with the body (a conversation?) that comes from a place of curiosity rather than frustration, anger, or wanting to simply whip that body part or function into shape can allow for a huge breakthrough in the TAT. This can be done by simply inviting the individual to go into the pose and ask that body part or function if there is anything it wants us to know and then simply listening.

As we know with all of TAT, when our perspective changes (in this case, based on the in-the-pose conversation), everything changes. (In case you're interested, on my website, <>, I have some quotes on this topic from PhD cellular biologist Bruce Lipton and create-your-day chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain and contributor to What the Bleep Do We Know.

• Following up with additional step 1 & 2's and any other steps as appropriate, depending on what our body communicated, is very helpful.

• Of course, doing TATs around the anger, frustration, discouragment, etc. of being sick and not getting well are also important. (in reference to previously chronic conditions)

• When we feel so led, using the talking with the immune system protocol which Tapas used with cancer, can be highly beneficial. (I had phenomenal results with this method. I had been plagued by severe hives for 6 weeks which were eliminated overnight after incorporating this into my TAT.)

• Being aware that body indicators are messengers which are speaking loudly, so that we will hear them. With that understanding, if we just had major surgery and have discomfort, it is best to hold the intention that it be reduced to a level where the message is still communicated, but the discomfort is minimized. If we have zero discomfort, then we risk that we will move the wrong way, carry something too heavy, walk before we are ready, or basically overdo in some way that is not conducive to our overall health and healing. Basically, in today's society it is common for people to want their body to just cooperate, to allow them to go on with their lives as if they are not in the process of healing. People take aspirin to quell a fever when the fever's job is to fight the infection. Our bodies are wonderfully made and need to be respected when they are doing their job. (my opinion) I find that if we collaborate with our bodies, rather than try to deny or fight them, we experience rapid transformation.

• If the situation or condition is persistent, in the pose, asking my favorite question from a place of curiosity and open-mindedness:  "What is this leading me to that nothing else will get me there?" is also very effective in opening the lines of communication. Once the message is delivered, and we are willing to honor that wisdom, then there is no longer a need for our bodies to shout at us.

I also have spiritual beliefs about anything being possible, and I have studied and incorporate Dr. Joe Dispenza's research on the commonalities of spontaneous remission. This seems to further contribute to amazing and rapid healing.

I hope some of these thoughts are beneficial. I don't have time to go into all aspects of how I work with stress and restricting beliefs related to physical conditions. Before long I will be offering Welcoming Vibrance Circles for using TAT in the presence of physical conditions, in particular autoimmune conditions. If this interests you, please feel free to email me. Contact Jeanine at <>

And, just to clarify, TAT and any of the modalities I incorporate in my work do not in any way replace proper medical care. I see my job as part of a biofield support team. My TAT Info. and Release form is on my website at

Warm wishes for health and well being,
--Jeanine DuBois

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