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  • Reflections from participants...
    • "One of the things that I like the very most about your style is the way that you invite and honor people's input."
    • "Jeanine DuBois is not only a gifted and highly experienced facilitator of TAT with both humans and animals, she is also a gifted and highly experienced teacher/trainer. She knows TAT from the inside out, has deep respect for all beings, and loves to teach and to share her passion for facilitating health on all levels. I definitely recommend her class, "TAT for Animals" to anyone who wants to work with animals, anyone who loves an animal, and anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of TAT." 
      Laurie Hoff Schaad, TAT Trainer, January 18, 2011

TAT Serenity Circles

A special opportunity to...

release stress
find peace amid the dualities of life
transform stuck habits, attitudes, and beliefs
honor and nurture your truest best self

Each TAT circle lasts around 60 minutes and consists of 4 or more participants who have done at least one TAT.
Check for discounted rate for registering with a buddy

If you are new to TAT, register for the
90-minute TAT intro. to precede the regular TAT circle.

Those who organize and host a group of 6 or more attend for a fraction of the standard registration.

Contact Jeanine to be included in or organize the next TAT Serenity Circle.

* To book a private session, please go to session preparation and IMG_EMAIL.GIF Jeanine.

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