Jeanine Celebrates
her Favorite Musical Performers...

IL VOLO, 3 young Italians (two tenors and a baritone, now 21 to 23 years old)
bring us joy, harmony, and hope for our planet,
  as their spirits, humor, and musical majesty transform our world
Grazie mille, Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, and your team!

Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe. ~ Lao Tzu

IMG_IL_VOLO_Vancouver_8-25-2013.jpg After the Vancouver BC IL VOLO concert (August 25, 2013),
I wanted to tell the story of what I felt,
but all that would come were images of the majesty of nature,
soaring with IL VOLO's glorious harmonies, splendid hearts, and sweet humor.

Today, thanks to inspiration through
a poem of Marie's on IL VOLO Flight Crew ~ Share the Love,
I finished my poem. Here it is.


IL VOLO Land Beckons ~

In the heart of IL VOLO Land, in the arms of angels, Love sings in passionate rich harmony...

Here every being is a sweet beloved "Maria"! ...Christiana, Oh Mia...
seen with
an open heart,
tender shining eyes,
gentle touches,
sparkling humor,
and greeted with the warmest, richest, chocolate-y harmony.

Here the musical landscape uplifts all visitors...
Soaring to "Questo Amore" ("This Love"), "Un Amore Cosi' Grande", "Luna Nascosta"...
Silken voices hum in our hearts.
Crystal springs cascade down verdant hillsides
and bubble up from deep underground pools.
Snowflakes drift through crisp sparkling skies.
Creamy rivers swirl in flowing, twirling luxurious joy.
Snow bundles zig zag their dance down mountainsides, gathering momentum and pow'r.

Here one's senses become electric...
Lovers sway and tango to the silken touch of "Historia de un Amor."
Refreshing kid silliness bursts into sparkling laughter.
"Splendida" wonder restores vibrant colors, moves mountains, holds your eyes in mine.

Soaring with IL VOLO, we taste their ambrosia, enveloped in Truth:
We . Are . Love

~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion's Doorway (8-26-2013 & 10-11-2013)

Song links are some of my favorites:
from June 2013 "We Are Love" PBS Special (filmed March 26, 2013 in Miami):
"Angel", "Luna Nascosta" (Theme song for the film "Luna Escondida" / Hidden Moon)
from Radio City Music Hall, "We Are Love" tour concert September 27, 2013:
"Maria", "Un Amore Cosi' Grande", "Historia de un Amor", "Splendida" (poem echoes ideas from the English translation of "Splendida" lyrics)
from "Today Show" November, 2012:
"Questo Amore" (Aerosmith's song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"; Italian translation is "This Love")

kid silliness ... sweet IL VOLO humor from the Chicago PBS pledge break

PBS Specials to date include
March 2012 PBS Special "Live from the Detroit Opera House... IL VOLO Takes Flight"
June 2013 PBS Special "We Are Love Miami PBS"
preview of upcoming (November / December 2013) PBS Special "Il Volo - Buon Natale: The Christmas Album"

A special tribute to IL VOLO's dream-come-true of singing in Radio City Music Hall:

3 years ago IL VOLO expressed their dream, to sing at Radio City Music Hall. (see :47 into the clip, or enjoy their entire day in New York, including snippets of several songs)

3 years later, in front of the sold-out Radio City Music Hall audience of over 6000,

Looking back...

Sweet auspicious beginnings...

Wow! Music is everywhere uplifting the planet. These boys sing with such heart and majesty! Their name, IL VOLO, means "flight", and to listen to them, I feel like I'm flying! And, yes, you can purchase on iTunes. They earned a Platinum record in 6 months in Italy! And Quincy Jones invited them to represent Italy on the single We Are the World 25 for Haiti.
~ Jeanine 2011 December 22


  • Woo hoo! My first IL VOLO concert...

    My friend Peta and I were blessed with a special surprise invitation to join the boys in their Meet & Greet after the concert!
    Here's their official photo link with a closer version shown below. Thanks, guys! What a fun night!
    IMG_IL_VoloSeattle10-2-2012_6344.jpg crop from
                    VIP Nation SmugMug photo

    ~ Jeanine 2012 October 8 (IL VOLO at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, October 2, 2012)

img_BKBUTTON.jpg Jeanine's Reflections... have fun exploring more IL VOLO
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