Jeanine Flows with Love,
Thanks to
her Favorite Musical Performers...

IL VOLO, 3 young Italians (two tenors and a baritone, now 21 to 23 years old)
bring us joy, harmony, and hope for our planet,
  as their spirits, humor, and musical majesty transform our world
Grazie mille, Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, and your team!

IL VOLO ~ The Synergy of Love

Last night I read this from Ignazio:
“ignazio boschetto ‏@IBoschetto
Tonight we received a póster on stage..!
And on the póster i read “you change my world”
but the thing is YOU #ilvolovers changed our world!!”

This brought tears to my eyes and heart. It really is like this.
We are touched, uplifted, delighted.
And our delight, joy, enthusiasm touches our beloved IL VOLO family.
Their joy makes us laugh, cry, do the happy dance!
Our love, joy, gratitude fans the flames of their love, their glorious melodies, their soaring spirits!
And on and on.

A looping infinity sign...
each side keeps feeding into the other, infinitely.

I now have words for it:
“The Synergy of Love”

Some day... I'll write a book: "IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love"

Deeply In-Joy-ing the Synergy of Love, thanks to IL VOLO!
~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion's Doorway (October 25, 2013)


Can you feel the love tonight??!

(from "The Talk" ~ August, 2013)

Looking back...

Sweet auspicious beginnings...

Wow! Music is everywhere uplifting the planet. These boys sing with such heart and majesty! Their name, IL VOLO, means "flight", and to listen to them, I feel like I'm flying! And, yes, you can purchase on iTunes. They earned a Platinum record in 6 months in Italy! And Quincy Jones invited them to represent Italy on the single We Are the World 25 for Haiti.
~ Jeanine 2011 December 22


img_BKBUTTON.jpg Jeanine's Reflections... have fun exploring more IL VOLO
(memorabilia through 2012, as well as writings and IL VOLO videos through 2013)
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