Jeanine Shares Her Gratitude for
her Favorite Musical Performers...

IL VOLO, 3 young Italians (two tenors and a baritone, 21 to 23 years old)
bring us joy, harmony, and hope for our planet,
  as their spirits, humor, and musical majesty transform our world
Grazie mille, Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, and your team!

Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe. ~ Lao Tzu

All Creation Soars with IL VOLO!

You know it's true.

First we have our IL VOLO friends all around the globe.

Have you ever in your entire life seen such a dedicated community*, where most every fan and music-lover feels, knows on a deep gut level that our IL VOLO friends, Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca are an incredible gift to planet earth. We feel it in our cells, our smiles, our sleeping and waking moments. Our boys bring the spark of Life and Love, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Heavenly Harmony and rockin' laughter wherever they go... a bookstore, a concert, a TV show, a PBS Special** (OK... 3!), even the Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

And then there are IL VOLO's less well-known friends: animals!

Consider Arty, an amazing cat, out in the wild. Day ten without food or water (except what he foraged for). His signal to my friend Noralyn and me was getting weak. Even from a distance, we sensed he might be ill. We were worried. So we got his permission to send him loving energy. What better than singing Arty well with IL VOLO's We Are Love? In twenty minutes his energy felt strong again!

Two weeks later Arty was in the animal shelter quarantine, awaiting adoption from his beloved Noralyn. Many of the cats that day were new to their temporary cage-homes and were expressing their confusion loudly. No wonder Arty the Adventurer was feeling some distress. Well, it worked before, so I tried it again. I popped on my iPhone and played and sang "We Are Love" to the quarantined kitties. I saw some curious glances, heads tilted in wonder, and within five or ten minutes, the whole room was still.
Kitties were curled up for a nap or day-dreaming, and Arty was happily purring and enjoying pets from me. Who knew?!

Since then, I discovered elephants listening and dancing to Jami Sieber playing cello. Search YouTube for
Elephants accompany cellist Jami Sieber / Part 2 / Living Yoga
At 2:20, you can see Pratidah, a member of the Thai Elephant Orchestra, dancing to the cello music.
Can you envision the happy dance Pratidah, would do listening to IL VOLO?!

And, are you ready for this? According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, water responds to music by the form of crystals it creates.
Check out the 2013 WCQM (World Congress of Quantum Medicine)
Dr. Masaru Emoto Shows the Effects of Playing Music (Madame Butterfly) on Water at WCQM.
At 1:06 you can see the water crystal morphing to the music of Madame Butterfly.
(More details in Rainey Marie Highley's article, "Water Loves Music" and, of course, Dr. Emoto's site.) So, if we thought that was beautiful,
imagine the magnificent snowflake morphing to "We Are Love" from the Nobel Peace Prize Concert!
Dr. Emoto, are you up for it?!

You know it's true... ALL creation soars with IL VOLO!

Happily Soaring... from Jeanine DuBois, Compassion's Doorway, August 21, 2013

* To join in the fun, check out the new blog IL Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love. Thanks, Flight Crew!

** PBS Specials to date include
March 2012 PBS Special "Live from the Detroit Opera House... IL VOLO Takes Flight"
June 2013 PBS Special "We Are Love Miami PBS"
preview of upcoming (November / December 2013) PBS Special "Il Volo - Buon Natale: The Christmas Album"

Looking back...

Sweet auspicious beginnings...

Wow! Music is everywhere uplifting the planet. These boys sing with such heart and majesty! Their name, IL VOLO, means "flight", and to listen to them, I feel like I'm flying! And, yes, you can purchase on iTunes. They earned a Platinum record in 6 months in Italy! And Quincy Jones invited them to represent Italy on the single We Are the World 25 for Haiti.
~ Jeanine 2011 December 22


  • Woo hoo! My first IL VOLO concert...

    My friend Peta and I were blessed with a special surprise invitation to join the boys in their Meet & Greet after the concert!
    Here's their official photo link with a closer version shown below. Thanks, guys! What a fun night!
    IMG_IL_VoloSeattle10-2-2012_6344.jpg crop from
                    VIP Nation SmugMug photo

    ~ Jeanine 2012 October 8 (IL VOLO at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, October 2, 2012)

img_BKBUTTON.jpg Jeanine's Reflections... have fun exploring more IL VOLO
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