Glacier Water ~ Global Bridge
from Jeanine with Gratitude for Worldwide Partners

Glacier Milk ... Mother Gaia's Gift


from the Carbon River at the base of the
NW corner of Mount Rainier

Spring 2010 Divine Grace encouraged me to trek to the Carbon River
to gather glacier milk (between July & October)
and to begin a daily practice of drinking the water

)ˇ(  I have since been drinking a little bit (between a drop and 1/4 cup) of this ancient water most every day.
)ˇ(  I have been told that the milk of this river is between 30,000 and 300,000 years old.
)ˇ(  It feels like a sweet gift to my life force, assisting me with my prayer to be and express my true, God-given self.

This glacier milk stays cloudy, without settling, and the beauty-full energies within it are awe-inspiring.
IMG_Carbon_River_glacier_milk_x4.jpg ... IMG_Carbon_River_glacier_milk_x1.jpg ... IMG_glacier_milk_bottle_9-2013.jpg
The images of the Carbon River, a braided river, are on my Reflections Page.

This got my attention!
I knew that drinking the glacier milk was supporting my system, but it wasn't until April, 2013 that I had a dramatic demonstration of the power of this water.
A friend had given me a beautiful sprig of daphne, which sat in the car during our weekend away. Once home, I put it in a vase with tap water, and after 2 weeks, only the four larger leaves that you see here remained. At that time, those 4 leaves were almost slate blue colored and somewhat brittle.
With this little sprig close to death, I don't know why I decided to change the water that night before bed, but I did. I emptied the vase out, rinsed it and the stem, and this time filled it with my drinking water, which was 7/8 Britta filtered water and 1/8 glacier milk from the Carbon River.
The next morning there were 3 bright green baby leaves sprouting on the stem! This little sprig lived 6 weeks and had 11 leaves. In addition, the original slate blue leaves turned this dark green and became soft and supple. (The flower is not from the daphne sprig.)
I asked Divine Grace about what happened. First they said, Now you know why we suggested you drink the glacier milk. Then they said it was the combination of my love and the glacier milk that affected the daphne in this way.

Spring of 2014 I realized that sharing with positive intention or prayer
even a drop of the Carbon River water in a river or lake or ocean
could be transformative to the entire huge body of water.

So I have started a project
of inviting those who visit the Carbon River and collect a bit of the glacier milk
to share a small amount (whatever portion they feel led) with other bodies of water.

I invite each individual to note the date, where they were, any observations they would like to share,
to say a prayer or positive intention, possibly to take a photo, and to send this to me,
where I will post each blessed event here.

It is such an honor to participate in this together.
My prayers of Love and Gratitude go with each person to all beautiful waters on our precious planet.

~ * ~

Our Unfolding Global Bridge ~
Namasté to All, Especially Our Be-You-To-Full Glacier Milk

From Leslie O'Neill
July 24, 2014    2:47am
My first offering of Carbon River crystalline consciousness to African Ai-Ais Hotsprings in Namibia, Land of Dragons.  These springs connect directly with the confluence of the Fish and Orange Rivers.  It's hard to see exactly, but it appears that the Orange River flows down into and across South Africa, perhaps changing name, but the same water flowing on to Tsitsikamma (Land of Many Waters), which I have been drawn to visiting (I dreamed this name).

Photo July 21, 2014    4:42pm

August 15, 2014     7:16am
My prayer was something like this, after asking for my helpers to come, and putting my love into the water in the bottle in my hand:

"I send you greetings from your sister waters in North America, and I pray that whatever crystalline intelligence is stored in this ancient glacier is of benefit to you, African waters, in greeting, in sending love, in remembrance, in connecting these two great continents.  May this infusion of crystalline intelligence  bring healing, cleansing, love, expansion to you African waters, and joining with all waters, in the bodies of water on Gaia, and in our human, animal and plant bodies, bringing the clarifying light of healing, love and remembrance; remembrance of the Garden and all that this planet and beings can be, in complete harmony, beauty, empowerment, love and abundance for Every Being."

More postings to follow...