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A session facilitated by Jeanine for an animal is a collaboration between the animal, the animal's caretaker, Jeanine, the veterinarian as deemed appropriate by the animal's guardian, and whatever spiritual resources we draw upon.

Your contributions are important in achieving communication, health, and well-being for the beloved animal. To that end...
  • Be sure to see a trusted veterinarian to deal with health issues and obtain recommendations or referrals. Share pertinent information with Jeanine, so that her work will complement the veterinarian's guidelines.
  • Anything you need to address or reveal is received with respect and appreciation, as well as in confidence, except where the law requires reporting abuse.

  • Consider your intention for the session. Expressing your goal(s) clarifies your wishes and enhances the experience.
    • In addition to what you wish to achieve, it is helpful to communicate the length of session you are willing to pay for.
    • Since you are paying for Jeanine's time, once you have agreed to a session of animal communication, you can save time and money by emailing your questions to Jeanine, indicating which are highest priority.

  • Communicate any preferences and any pertinent insights, observations, or requests.
  •  Understand that, unless asked to use specific interventions, Jeanine may utilize any of a number of modalities she has found helpful with animals, including animal communication, HTA®, TAT®, and reiki. More information about each is available at <>.
  • Realize that Jeanine honors the animal's right to choose what feels best to him or her. For that reason, Jeanine will request the animal's and caretaker's permission to do any work or communication and will honor their response. Realistically, this also means that, when communicating, there may be questions that an animal prefers not to answer, and Jeanine will respect that preference. If the caretaker feels disappointed in not obtaining answers to some questions, please consider that the animal may prefer to communicate directly with you or may have some other reason why s/he prefers to keep quiet on the matter.
  • Each session supports your animal's system in communicating or in finding the balance, harmony, and full potential you seek for your beloved animal. While your visit may complement other care which your animal receives, it is never intended to replace appropriate veterinary care. No medical, psychological, or veterinary diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, cure, or prevention is expressed or implied by sessions facilitated by Jeanine DuBois.

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