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About Your Sessions with  Jeanine

Any session facilitated by  Jeanine is a collaboration between you (or your animal),  Jeanine, and whatever spiritual resources we draw upon.

As a team member, your contributions are important in achieving your goal, so I ask that you:
  • Recognize that anything addressed or revealed is received by Jeanine with respect and is held in honored confidence, except where safety requires otherwise. In addition, there may be times where Jeanine shares about an experience in a de-identified way as a learning opportunity. (HIPAA / Privacy Policy spells out privacy details.)

  • Consider your intention for the session. Expressing your goal clarifies your wishes and enhances your experience. (Feel free to ask for help in formulating your goal.)

  • Communicate any comfort preferences (temperature, lighting, water, restroom, etc.) as well as anything else which seems important.

  • Share any pertinent insights, observations, or requests. This is your session, so express your preferences, in addition to any guidance you sense about what might be helpful.

NOTE: Each session supports your system in finding the balance, harmony, and full potential you seek. While your visit may complement other care which you receive, it is never intended to replace appropriate medical care. No medical or psychological diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, cure, or prevention is expressed or implied by sessions facilitated by Jeanine DuBois.

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