TAT® for Shining Our Light ~ Wherever We Are
Recording now available  ~ from
Jeanine DuBois ~ Compassion's Doorway
with a team of TAT Professionals to allow for smaller groups as desired

  My vision for this TAT
initially simply doing TAT about the blocks* to each of us shining the Light of our true selves
◊ Then my dear friend and colleague TAT Trainer Lisa Saubolle died after an amazing 10-month healing journey following stage 4 spinal cancer diagnosis. And I found myself expanding this TAT to include our loved ones who have passed on
...shining their Light from wherever they are and from all the places they live in our hearts and our memories
...including all the blocks we may feel to shining our own Light after a loved one is no longer in our lives in a tangible way
◊ Then, with the tragic events in Clackamas Town Center shopping mall (30 minutes from where I live in Oregon) and in Newtown CT, I felt how deeply many of us are affected by these shocking and sorrowful experiences.
I have gathered a team of TAT Professionals and Trainers who will be on the call and prepared to split into smaller group calls, possibly even one-to-one, to provide presence and guidance through the steps as needed. If most or all of us decide to stay on the one call that I'll be facilitating, that is equally fine.
We will include in our intention everyone who would like to benefit from this TAT. Special thoughts include the dear children, staff, parents, neighbors, and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School; the workers, shoppers, and neighbors of Clackamas Town Center; as well as our friend Lisa's loved ones; and our treasured first responders.
the story behind this
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 *Blocks could include fears, doubts, internal conflicts, overwhelming feelings, resentment, confusion, judgment, and more.

About TAT:

TAT works for our highest good, allowing us to release stress in a gentle, peaceful way without re-experiencing it.

TAT founder Tapas Fleming quoted a client's experience: "...Now I'm not identifying with the obstacles. I'm identifying with the flow." ~ 8-11-2009 TATLife® Newsletter

Ph.D. cellular biologist Bruce Lipton explains, "Perceptions have a tremendous influence in shaping the character and experiences of our lives.  ...  They are more influential than positive thinking because they are more than mere thoughts in your mind. Perceptions are beliefs that permeate every cell...." <>

Through Tapas Acupressure Technique®, the stuck perceptions in our lives gently dissolve, leaving our true selves.

The Recording of this TAT is available now.
When you register, you will be sent to the Participant Page with details
for accessing the recording. I walk you through the TAT on the recording.

event was on Friday, 12-21-2012, 11a
.m. Pacific Time / 19 UTC

To register for TAT for Shining Our Light ~ Wherever We Are:
Please  pre-read Tapas' free How to Do TAT booklet <> to make sure TAT feels like a good fit for you. It may take a few hours up to 24 hours to arrive in your email box, so download it as soon as possible. (It's around 10 pages of large print.)

(2) Then complete Information and Release form:
<> (Admittedly, full of nitty gritty details.)

If you have questions on either item above, please contact Jeanine.

(3) Clicking Agree on the Information and Release form will send you to the Participant Page with access to the recording. Please also watch for a prior and follow-up email from Jeanine's gmail address.

Please be aware that often a concern will feel completely released in one session AND sometimes an issue has more than one thread and may need to be approached from several angles (in more than one session) to feel release from any remaining aspects of the concern.

*     *     *     *     *
All TAT Professionals and Trainers involved in this TAT session (only) are offering their time and expertise without charge.
And we also realize that receiving the rich blessings of their TAT experience, participants want to express their thanks.
We are inviting you to offer your thanks by reaching out in love in whatever way feels most fitting for you
, "paying it forward," rather than paying it "back." This might mean
... helping a friend, neighbor, client, or community member by offering an hour or two of your own expertise
... assisting in a local event, whether a community meal, a recycling endeavor, a healing concert, or something else
... caroling, gift wrapping, or bringing comfort or cheer in whatever way you feel led
... reaching out to someone who is ill, who is shy, or who doesn't have family or friends around
... donating to a cause that you value**
... or reaching out in any other way you feel led

** If you would like an idea for a worthy cause, I learned of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) <>
from neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor's TED Talk about her experience with her stroke. The first 1.5 minutes she shares about her researching mental illness and her work advocating for NAMI.

One of our wonderful TAT Trainers on this call, Certified TAT Professional and Trainer Pat Thatcher, said NAMI "is a great organization!  They offer exceptional help to those folks with Mental Illness but also direct help to the families. They also work with the community to help expand direct understanding of mental illness in order to reduce the stigma.  It is a worthy organization to donate to."
*     *     *     *     *

Reflections from Jeanine's previous participants...

"Jeanine's respect and love for the participants in her workshops and webinars shines through. She holds a really lovely space for everyone's voices to be heard and needs to be met and gives from both her heart and her expertise." ~ participant, 12-21-2012

"Jeanine is a professional and gentle TAT leader. She is empathetic, considerate and compassionate. I felt easily accepted and at ease in the safe environment she created. It allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the benefit of the TAT process over Skype." Heather Wilks - TAT Professional, Australia, 2011 January 16

"Jeanine's style is very warm and caring. Her voice is very soothing and really helps one to relax and let TAT do its magic." Yehudis Mishell, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist 2012 June 11

All certified TAT Professionals and Trainers are listed on Tapas' website: with information about their practices.
Many offer distance sessions over the phone or skype.

Tapas Acupressure Technique,  TAT, and TATLife are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.

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