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TAT® for Vibrant Eyes & Vision

What a wonderful class!
Based on experience, this series will be expanded, and logistics will be revised accordingly.
Contact Jeanine if you would like to be notified when timing and details are ready for our next class.

If you are interested in using TAT in a way which may help
  ◊ reduce our eyes' and entire body's stress
  ◊ improve interactions within our body's systems and with our thoughts
  ◊ deepen our connection with our truest self
  ◊ recognize the magnificence of our eyes, our vision, our entire being
  ◊ shift perception more in alignment with the blueprint of our true selves and
.....less with the overlay of distress
  ◊ enhance our trust in Life and our discernment in what we see each day
  ◊ appreciate the gifts we see and envision unfolding in our lives
  ◊ increase our clarity, in-sight, I-sight (eye-sight)
  all while honoring our own true path and timing,
TAT for Vibrant Eyes & Vision may be what you're looking for!

"Jeanine DuBois is not only a gifted and highly experienced facilitator of TAT with both humans and animals, she is also a gifted and highly experienced teacher/trainer. She knows TAT from the inside out, has deep respect for all beings, and loves to teach and to share her passion for facilitating health on all levels...."

Laurie Hoff Schaad, TAT Trainer ~ January 18, 2011

“Jeanine DuBois is a wonderful TAT teacher and facilitator.  I have worked with her on a variety of levels and she served as my mentor through the TAT certification process.  Her dedication and expertise with TAT is very apparent as shown in her presence, compassion and gentle and kind voice.  She has always provided for me, a wonderful space for expansion, learning and growth. I look forward to participating in more of what she offers in the future. And after working closely with her, for over a year, I would highly recommend Jeanine to anyone interested in TAT sessions, seminars, or mentoring.”
Val Piotrowski, TAT Professional, February 10, 2011

"Jeanine is a professional and gentle TAT leader. She is empathetic, considerate and compassionate. I felt easily accepted and at ease in the safe environment she created. It allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the benefit of the TAT process over Skype."
Heather Wilks, TAT Professional, Australia, 16 January 2011

To clarify...    Our TATs will start with doubts and other "stopper thoughts", so no worries.
This is a journey with simple curiosity about what may transpire along the way. Healing comes in so many forms and timing, and I trust that each person's experience will be for their highest good.
When we are doing TAT around physical conditions (which some participants will be), lots can shift as communication improves within our systems. And sometimes life is inviting us to be with other pertinent beliefs and experiences that are all part of the larger "package". They will be addressed, too.
It's so easy with physical concerns to want it to be all done now. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's not. This emphasizes the importance of simply staying present with the process and noticing how life unfolds. In reference to being diagnosed with glaucoma, I did lots of work on related issues (the metaphors), and it was also 17 months later when my Visual Fields Test read "normal". So, we need to give ourselves space to experience the flow of life, wherever it takes us and in whatever timing.
With loving respect and trust in possibilities,
~ Jeanine, Certified TAT Trainer & Professional
IMG_Helix_Nebula_Eye_of_God.jpg thanks to
                          NASA for image

Helix Nebula (Eye of God) ~ thanks to NASA for image


8 TAT's,  meeting times via teleconference (phone or Internet connection)

  • timing and details
Plus Option (TATs plus enrichment add-on package): To be candid, I am very excited about this additional part of the series. It is a significant contributor to what has transformed the health of my eyes and my life.
... weekly private video presentations by Jeanine presenting, teaching, giving experiences of, sharing inspirational true stories of the MANY non-TAT approaches (and any other resources) which Jeanine has experience with and may also have contributed to her gaining back all her vision previously lost through glaucoma
... since these videos are private, you will need to have a login (suggest setting this up days in advance)

... additional weekly 45-minute call for check-in, sharing, clarification / elaboration at
10:-10:45a.m. Pacific Time / 17:00 UTC (recorded) 40 minutes before time converter link below
Only folks who register in advance for the Plus Option will have access to these recordings. Our calls will be more of a private community call, like I develop in TAT for Animals I.

(Timing Caveat: If someone wants to participate in the Plus Option of this series and cannot be on the call at 10a.m.  Pacific Time / 17 UTC, you can do your 3-minute sharing right after the TAT call. Not my preference, but a doable work-around if needed. You will have access to the 45-minute recording.)
... weekly access to
Plus videos / audios ~ available days in advance of call (please preview prior to weekly call)
Plus call recordings
request for feedback to optimize the effectiveness of this experience for you

TAT Portion (TATs only package)
... single private intro presentation by Jeanine with preview of special TAT approaches Jeanine used which may have contributed to her gaining back all her vision previously lost through glaucoma (Jeanine uses these with many physical conditions)
... weekly TAT calls with check-in, bundle, TAT steps, sharing experience
11a.m. Pacific Time /18 UTC (see Time Converter link below)
60-80 minutes (I will aim for 60 minutes, allowing up to 20 minutes spill over time as needed to stay present with our process and the group needs.)
... Only folks who register in advance for the TAT series will have access to these recordings. Our calls will be more of a private community call, like I develop in TAT for Animals I.

... weekly access to
TAT recordings
request for feedback to optimize the effectiveness of this experience for you

World Time Converter (for TAT Portion; Plus portion starts 40 minutes earlier):


To register for TAT for Vibrant Eyes & Vision:

Complete Information and Release form:
Admittedly, full of nitty gritty details. If you have questions, please contact Jeanine.
The listing of methods used in addition to TAT will give you some idea of what the Plus enrichment add-ons may include.

Please  pre-read Tapas' free How to Do TAT booklet
<>, a prerequisite to participating. Thanks! 

(2) Register ($/week below are approximate)

TAT Plus 7-week package (TATs & Plus enrichment add-ons)
standard registration = $388 (TATs $33/week; Plus $22/week)
buddy* discount registration = $355 each  (TATs $30/week; Plus $20/week)
... buddy is simply someone you agree in advance to register with; type in full name of registration buddy for discount

TAT 7-week package (TATs only)
standard registration = $233 (TATs $33/week)
buddy* discount registration = $211 each  (TATs $30/week)
... buddy is simply someone you agree in advance to register with; type in full name of registration buddy for discount
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Plus Try-Out" Plus Week-at-a-Time Option (for those who don't want to commit to the entire Plus series):
$33 / week for Plus only portion (must start with Day 1; must participate also in the TATs package)
may re-register for "Plus Try-Out" for as many weeks as you like, or just try it once
... if you participate in all 7 weeks with this week-at-a-time registration, the 7th Plus week is free

Then... complete your payment (charge card, debit card, or PayPal)

(3) Once registered, folks are directed to Participant Pages (whichever registered for: TAT Plus, TAT only, "Plus Try-Out") with access to call-in and other resources.

FYI to TAT Pros: by writing up your experience of at least 6 of the TATs, you will earn 6 CEUs towards section 3 renewal of TAT Pro certification (submit this yourself at

Those registering, please give Jeanine input so she can best serve you: <>

Jeanine's background for offering this teleseminar series:

  • Extensive professional focus and experience with physical and perceptual conditions for over 9 years
  • Practicing TAT for over 9 years ~ certified TAT Trainer & Professional
  • Ongoing biofield training and practice for over 10 years
  • Personal experience of 4 dramatic (miraculous?) healings, starting around 20 years old and most recently (1-27-2012) restoration of my peripheral vision after diagnosis with glaucoma
    (my story is partially recounted on my Reflections page <> by the Eye of God image; there is also a link to a YouTube video of me sharing some of my experience)
  • Having witnessed dramatic healings of clients
  • Belief in miraculous everyday possibilities of Life
  • Respect for each individual's path and timing
  • 34 years experience as an instructor
  • Having designed this series

Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm for this wonderful venture we're embarking on together!
What a lovely vision we each are holding for this time and for possibilities in our lives.

Loving gratitude,
~ Jeanine

Tapas Acupressure Technique,  TAT, and TATLife are registered trademarks of TAT creator Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.

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