Inviting Vibrance Circles

facilitated by
Jeanine DuBois ~ Compassion's Doorway
guest presenters

   We are so delighted to offer our Inviting Vibrance Circles!
We see this as an opportunity
to increase our vibrance, joy, and full participation
in the life we choose

We will enjoy many supportive tools, including
 Brain Gym® movements to support our goals
 simple energy techniques for balancing and uplifting our selves
 ◊ learning our body's balancing buttons through neurovascular and neurolymphatic points
 TAT® for releasing stress and limiting beliefs (old ideas that are no longer useful)
 techniques for noticing to increase our subtle learning and refine our choices
 (including muscle checking by kinesiologist Alex Jones)
 the power of gratitude to harmonize our lives and empower our body's well-being
 fun activities which enlighten and enliven us
 the simplicity and delight of "Coming to Our Senses"

As a result of these gatherings, we will enhance our ease in addressing many life experiences
 honoring and being present with ours and others' experiences
 releasing overlays of stress or confusion to allow our true beautiful selves to shine
 balancing our body-mind system for optimal clarity and well-being
 recognizing and attracting our hearts' desires

Arc of Peace
by Lorri Acott Fowler

5 sessions
2.5 hours each
2 weeks between each
dates & times to be determined

email Jeanine to express interest and
your preferences for timing and location

**Email Jeanine to attend an optional free pre-event for inspiration
and for greater appreciation of Jeanine's style and the value of this series!**

To register for Inviting Vibrance Circles:
(1) Complete Information and Release form (Admittedly, full of nitty gritty details. If you have questions, please contact Jeanine.) <>

(2) Clicking Agree on the Info. and Release form will send you to the registration page, where you select

advance registration = $388 (for the series)
buddy advance registration = $333 each (for the series)
(write in full name of registration buddy; discounted because you both agree to register for the group)
registration = $88 each session (sessions build on skill and experience, so you can opt for fewer than 5 sessions, but you can't skip earlier sessions)

5th per-session registration discount = $88 each for first 4 sessions; session 5 = $44 (discount for attending all 5)

and then complete your payment (charge card, debit card, or PayPal)

(3) At that point, you are registered. (Yea!) You will receive access to the Participant Page via follow-up web page or email, including details of what to bring.

Comments about our facilitators...
"Jeanine is a professional and gentle TAT leader. She is empathetic, considerate and compassionate. I felt easily accepted and at ease in the safe environment she created. It allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the benefit of the TAT process..." Heather Wilks, TAT Professional ~ January 16, 2011

"Jeanine had such a lovely and intuitive way of walking beside us rather than leading us through the telebundle... My heartfelt thanks." --Pam L. ~ March 6, 2011

"Alex is incredibly effective and skilled in using kinesiology to gain information from our bodies and recommend a simple course of action for maximizing our well-being. In addition, Alex's perceptive nature and gentle sense of humor make him fun to interact with and learn from." Jeanine ~ October 21, 2011

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