Gianluca ~
I'm wishing you a precious 22nd birthday
& a year of great joy & wonderful fulfillment!

What a wonderful number 22 is
To me 2 is about companionship, togetherness.
And 11 is about
...~ arising to a whole new plane of existence, special new beginnings, inspiration
...~ connecting earth to sky (Life here to our Creator & our immortal Soul)
...~ we are “all 1”
So can’t you just imagine how amazingly meaningful your year will be?!

Precious Gianluca, I wish you joyous companionship, feeling connected to God and All Life, and wonderfully fulfilling dreams-come-true!

If I were to choose a water crystal snowflake to represent your Nutella-rich voice and your Love-sparkling soul, it would actually be 2:

this one created to the music of Imagine by John Lennon ~

photo credit:

and this one grown to the music of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy (doesn’t it look like an angel?!) ~

photo credit from 2015 calendar Water Loves Music:

You are Loved, and you Are Love, Gian! Thank you for sharing your beautiful self and your amazing music with us!

Amore from my heart 💗, & soon I will see you & Piero & Ignazio in Las Vegas 😊!
Jeanine DuBois