Gratitude Wave
uplifting our timelines ~ spiraling love through our lives
developed & facilitated by TAT Trainer
Jeanine DuBois ~ Compassion's Doorway

Waves of Gratitude wash over us and our ancestors, uplifting us all

What a blessing to experience ...
..... Dissolving blocks to gratitude
..... Living in the Heart of Divine Love
..... "Love Expanding Love" musical bliss*
..... Gratitude boomeranging back thru ancestors and forward to bless & transform us all
NASA JPL for this image of the Sculptor Galaxy
feels like our Gratitude Waves!

In this experiential, Jeanine incorporates
... heart-opening TAT enrichments
... light sweet Boomerang Blessings
... * meditation with music of Paul Luftenegger, who says of his music
"Conscious music is an infinite endless storehouse of LOVE held in timeless vibration — a battery that is always charged..."

"GRATITUDE is a healing frequency.
Every time you say "THANK YOU" it:
.....regenerates your BODY,
.....opens your MIND
.....and expands your SOUL." ~ Gordana Biernat @MyPowertalk
~ * ~

“...when people do gratitude statements and they’re deeply appreciative and grateful for something, literally a vortex of energy occurs around people. So this swirly really cool space opens that allows for new stuff to come in.”
~ Christie Marie Sheldon How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

Jeanine is a certified TAT Trainer & practitioner of biofield methods for harmonizing and balancing.
Jeanine welcomes the simply miraculous and celebrates the magnificence of Life.

Geranium Heart Petal

Love and Gratitude
Water crystal
please visit Emoto Peace Project

inspiration from
Divine Grace angels:
As the water rises,
all boats float higher.

This upliftment is for
all of us!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Please arrive 5 minutes early.

**Switching to Webinar ~ Details soon!**
12555 SW 1st Street, Beaverton, OR 97005
STREET PARKING ONLY ~ Please do NOT park in lot.

Usually the Gratitude Wave is the first Saturday of the month @ 9am

Please bring
  • filled water bottle
  • writing/drawing material (journal / notebook / sketchbook)
Optional items
  • pillows for your head / knees (recommended)
  • yoga mat or thick blanket to relax on during meditation
(Sage Center has thin yoga mats & blankets; surface is floor)

To register for Gratitude Wave  IMG_Sculptor_Galaxy_PIA13440_zoom.jpg
(1) Complete

--> Information and Release form (Yup, details, details. If you have questions, please contact Jeanine.) 
.........FYI: I use my Info and Release for Multiple Approaches, which includes additional methods that
.........I incorporate in other workshops, teleseminars, and private sessions.

--> Please contact Jeanine to send you Tapas' free How to Do TAT booklet for clarity about traditional TAT.
......In this event, Jeanine uses blossoming new techniques recently developed by TAT founder Tapas Fleming.

If you would like a 5-10 minute complimentary consult to talk with me after reading the literature and prior to deciding whether this is a fit for you, please contact me, and we'll arrange for it.

(2) Clicking Agree on the Info. and Release form will send you to the registration page, where you select your sliding scale rate

$22 - $44 = Standard Registration
$11 - $22 = Buddy Registration (bring a buddy and each pay this reduced rate ~ list buddy name on registration)

Complete your payment (PayPal, charge card, or debit card)

(3) Then you are registered. (Yay!)  I'll see you at the Sage Center (Group Meeting Room).
Space is limited, please register at least 2 days in advance if possible.

When finished, I suggest Guidelines for After a Session.
Please drink plenty of water, and limit your time in the TAT Pose to no more than 20 minutes per day.
Your feedback after this experience is appreciated. (And there's a surprise thank-you offering!)

 Reflections from Jeanine's participants...
"Jeanine's offering of a Gratitude Wave experience made an amazing difference in freeing me from rumination and worry. Even though I "knew better" and had tried to just let my hurt go for a long period of time, it would still come up if I would awaken in the night or early morning hours. From the time of the simple and yet deep guided work with Jeanine, it simply disappeared. I am lighter and happier." ~ Peta Lynne, 2015 September in-person Gratitude Wave

"My experience varied through relaxing gratitude waves, blissful peace, and a sense of having been far off in star-land. Driving home, my whole body felt extremely light, as if all pressure was gone. Really sweet." ~ JD, 2015 April 29 in-person Gratitude Wave

"With Jeanine, her warmth and mindful presence create an atmosphere of safety and comfort.  She takes you through the Gratitude Wave journey with deep respect and loving care." ~ Margaret G

"This session brought me to a place of connection with Guidance again and a clarity of insight I've not felt in years. ...  I slept through the night for the first time in months. ... Physically, my chronic pain is receding, even as I feel the release of what feels like eons of toxicity.  The gentleness and grace of this work is so appreciated.  ... I feel loved and am able to stick to my anti-inflammatory diet and other needed self-care as an act of Love, without feeling deprived."
...... More-Beautiful-Results-Shared-Here
~ participant 2016 in-person Gratitude Wave

Tapas Acupressure Technique,  TAT, and TATLife are registered trademarks of Tapas Fleming, being used with permission.
Jeanine DuBois is originator of Boomerang Blessings and Gratitude Wave. (This version of Boomerang Blessings is brief and light, yet powerful.)

I/Jeanine am not a licensed mental health professional. Please seek assistance of appropriate health care providers as needed.

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