Divine Grace Angels Visitation

We are delighted to join Divine Grace angels
..........in a lovely circle 

..........where we can ask questions
be blessed by angelic loving support & expansive perspectives

about Divine Grace and Peta:
Peta, whom Divine Grace angels speak through,
is visiting from Mexico, previously from Orcas Island, Hawaii, and more.
Peta's 5-minute intro with her background and a message from Divine Grace:

Jeanine's experience (7+ yrs) asking Divine Grace questions:
My first private session was incredibly touching, as angels acknowledged truths about me that no one ever expressed. Their words rang deeply true, as tears of gratitude streamed down my face. That helped me better understand my life experience, even from childhood. Their answers affirmed my heart's desires and set me free to acknowledge my unique and sweetly true awarenesses.

Heart Flame Geranium Petal
story and photos by Jeanine

About asking Divine Grace questions...

Divine Grace answers are tailored to respond to individuals 
and to give a perspective valuable to all participants.

Questions vary, including about work, relationships, life path, curious experiences, etc.
If you don't have a specific question, you can ask something like,
....."What would my soul like me to know?" or
....."What is for my highest good to hear?" or
....."Can you give me encouragement during this time?"
Or you can come and simply listen. Whatever feels right to you is perfect.
Folks ask a single question, so everyone gets an opportunity.

This event will be recorded, with a link for 
participants to listen / download.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Please arrive 5-7 minutes early to get settled and be ready.

Sage Center
12555 SW 1st Street, Beaverton, OR 97005
STREET PARKING ONLY ~ Do NOT park in lot, please.
(Washington Street and 2nd Street usually have spots available.)

*Please bring
  filled water bottle

  something to write on (such as journal, notebook, or clipboard & paper)
  lap blanket if you like (there are some blankets there, as well)
  non-messy finger-food snack if you wish to share

Please RSVP for Divine Grace Angels Visitation:

Please notify Jeanine if you plan to attend ~ yes or even maybe. Jeanine may reply from her gmail address.

Suggested donation is $11 - $44.
All are welcome to attend and contribute as you feel led.
You may donate Sunday evening in person, or
use PayPal (https://www.paypal.com click "Pay or Send Money". Then click "Pay for goods or services". In the box for email, enter payment@powerofnow.org and enter the amount and click Next until your transaction is complete. Make sure the email ends in .org )

about Peta Lynne
from Peta on bydivinegrace.com ...
Hello, I have been hearing within since I was just a child. I have been profoundly blessed to be able to share my gift with many people over the decades.
I channel for groups and for individual clients. I am so grateful for all of the people that Divine Grace has brought into my life. Perhaps you will feel an inner calling to connect with Divine Grace through me.

Looking forward to this sweet evening with you!


~ Jeanine, Peta, and Divine Grace

P.S. Here is a beautiful message shared by Divine Grace on 9-18-2017:
"Beloved Ones, 

All is well. There are increasing energies that will create powerful outer events. Don't let them distract you. Be the event that YOU want to live. You have been given free will and an absolutely unique timeline. Live it to the fully. Choose with strength to change what you want to change. These powerful energies will assist you to do the things you have always wanted to do, fulfill the dreams you have always known are yours, and express and receive the love that is meant for you. Stay as hot as any fire, as strong as any hurricane, and as powerfully expressive as a dynamic solar flare! We are with you....with a multitude of Lovers of Earth from every dimension."

Divine Grace

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