Bill DuBois'
Memorial Website

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May it glow with your memories & love for Bill.


Here's a site map of choices....
images_for_Bill/green_ball.gif information about Bill's peaceful death and the memorials
images_for_Bill/green_ball.gif Bill's obituary, posted in the Oregonian on 3/17/00 (updated 3/25/2000)
images_for_Bill/aqua_ball.gif incredible health care provided by OHSU (poem tribute to nurses)
images_for_Bill/aqua_ball.gif Bill's medical history: courage through trauma (added 2/27/2000)
images_for_Bill/blue_ball.gif God's guidance for Bill's trip "home," including songs, dreams,
and even signs of his happiness with God (updated 5/29/2000)
images_for_Bill/peach_ball.gif the memorial program, including options for donations
images_for_Bill/purple_arrow.gifmaps to West Hills Friends Church
images_for_Bill/pink_ball.gif songs shared at the memorial (updated 2/28/2000)
poetry and other personal writing about Bill (updated 11/16/2014)
images_for_Bill/tan_ball.gif experiences and insights in dealing with our grief and loss (includes a photo of Bill and family) (updated 5/20/2000)
images_for_Bill/peach_ball.gif photo gallery of Bill, friends, family, mementoes (updated 6/25/2000)

~ from Jeanine

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